[July 2020] LimeTorrents Proxy/Mirror Sites To Unblock LimeTorrent New Site

LimeTorrents Proxy – Every day, people upload many contents on the internet, and most of the content is available easily. But you will not find a commercial content like movies, videos, software, music, and other digital contents very easily. So, everyone turns to torrent sites to download the content. One such name is Limetorrents and in this article we will cover LimeTorrents proxy 2020 to unblock LimeTorrents new site with the help of LimeTorrents Mirror Sites.

Limetorrents Proxy Sites 2020 - Unblock LimeTorrents New Site
Limetorrents Proxy Sites 2020 – Unblock LimeTorrents New Site

We have already seen some top torrents being banned or shutdown; This is the reason many other torrent websites are gaining popularity. Limetorrents is one such torrent, which lists almost all the torrents listed online. So it is essential to use limetorrents for the content download process. Here I am going to tell you 5+ Methods To Unblock Limetorrents and access LimeTorrents.

New Limetorrents Proxy Sites 2020

When it is difficult to access Lime torrents directly then, you need to use the limetorrents mirror sites for the download process. Limetorrents proxy sites or links will provide limetorrents unblocked websites for your use.

Just go through all the limetorrents mirror sites if some of the torrent sites do not provide access to the site directly. As of now all of the sites are working perfectly, and they are live. Here is the working Limetorrents proxy / Limetorrents mirror sites list of 2020.

Limetorrents Proxy/Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
Freeproxy.ioOnlineVery Fast
Freeanimesonline.comOnlineVery Fast
Sitenable.topOnlineVery Fast
Sitenable.coOnlineVery Fast
Sitenable.chOnlineVery Fast
Filesdownloader.comOnlineVery Fast
Sitenable.infoOnlineVery Fast
Siteget.netOnlineVery Fast
Sitenable.pwOnlineVery Fast

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Unblock Limetorrents Through Mirror Sites

These are the Updated 15+ LimeTorrents Mirrors and Proxy Sites. Open It, And You will see a similar site to Limetorrent. And actually, it is limetorrent just via different domain names.

Limetorrents ProxyWorkingOne of the best
Best Limetorrents proxyWorkingFast
Working Limetorrents ProxyWorkingFast

Limetorrent working mirror site proof

If the torrent is blocked in your country, then you need to use limetorrents proxy servers to make limetorrents unblocked. There is also another way to use it by utilizing limetorrents mirror sites. It is like limetorrent bypassing sites, which allows you to download the content.

Importance of Limetorrents Proxy Sites

It is not new that the government’s and the content creators use the legal power to ban the users from using the limetorrents site. Once the torrent site is prohibited or blocked from accessing it, then people find it challenging to find free content. That is the reason many people use limetorrents proxy servers to access the content without creating a lot of problems.

Here we have listed many such proxy torrents for you that will unblock limetorrents. You can click on any limetorrents proxy site to access the Limetorrents website easily.

Access LimeTorrents Via Tor Browser

The Easiest and free way to access any blocked site is the Tor browser, as it has its own proxy network. This browser changes your identity every time you open a URL. This browser is similar to any browser like chrome, firefox with an extra feature.

How To Use Tor Browser

Tor Browser is an open-source project and anyone can download it. Just follow the steps I am going to mention below:

  • First of all, you have download Tor Browser, for that click here.
  • Now select your machine, If you are on windows then click on the windows icon. Tor is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android( currently in Beta Stage).
  • After Downloading the Zip file of Tor, extract anywhere you want.
  • Now, click on Tor icon and it will open a small window, Now you have to follow steps to connect your browser to Tor Bridge.
  • Once it is connected you can access any blocked site easily.

To access LimeTorrents via Tor, copy any of the Limetorrents Proxy sites mentioned above and open it in tor.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only.


We have listed both limetorrents proxy servers and limetorrents mirror sites. You can select any of the links for limetorrents to unblock. If some of the links are not working, then they will be updated soon. Inform us about dead links in the comments section. Enjoy the unlimited access with limetorrents unblocked sites.

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