EZTV Proxy/Mirror Sites To Unblock EZTV New Site

EZTV Proxy – Digital content production is one of the tops go to business in recent times. This business includes movies, TV shows, programs, comedy shows, video logging, traveling, and all kinds of entertainment shows. But it is not easy to find free content on the internet if the content is not available on services like YouTube. EZ cloud computing and services were one such torrent technology service. This allowed users to download materials from different parts of the world in real-time. In this article, we will share working EZTV Proxy 2020 to unblock EZTV new site with the help of the EZTV mirror sites.

EZTV Proxy Sites 2020 Unblock EZTV New Site
EZTV Proxy Sites 2020 Unblock EZTV New Site

After closing a couple of its TV franchise, EZTV went into torrent business. Now EZTV torrent site has earned a lot of trust with its excellent quality contents, which were uploaded regularly. Even though EZTV torrent is not famous as other torrent sites, it has achieved quite a lot of buzz in recent times. In this article, you will find ways to successfully unblock EZTV torrent site through EZTV proxy servers, EZTV new site, and EZTV mirror links (2020).

New EZTV Proxy Sites 2020

EZTV torrent site is banned in most of the countries just because of its policies, and it is a torrent site, which shares the content on a global platform. Because of this many people watch content and use software for free. If you are also one of the victims of this and EZTV is banned in your country then you can use different EZTV proxy server links listed with their current status on the site.

EZTV Proxy Sites List 2020 Unblock
EZTV Proxy Sites List 2020 Unblock

Here are some of the EZTV torrent proxy servers, which are online now. If you are more into EZTV mirror sites, then just use the EZTV mirror sites listed in this unblock EZTV torrent article. You can check the status of different EZTV mirror sites as well.

Putlocker Proxy/Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
https://www1.putlockers.sc/ OnlineVery Fast
https://putlocker.how/OnilneVery Fast
http://www1.putlockers.am/OnlineVery Fast

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Unblock EZTV Through EZTV Mirror Site

Here are some of the best working EZTV Mirror sites. These sites are 1005 Working as of April 2020. You can use these sites to access Eztv easily. But there is some downside of these mirror sites too.

Torrentz2 Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
torrentz2.euOnlineVery Fast
torrentz2.comOnline(Official)Very Fast

What is Eztv proxy?

EZTV was founded in May 2005 and one of the oldest torrent websites that offer you the ability to download the digital content files simply and without login.
But in the year 2015, the brand named “EZCLOUD” claims the copyright content over it, and the website gets banned by the government, and all the search engines block the access of EZTV after it.

What is EZTV Proxy 2020?
What is EZTV Proxy 2020?

As the EZTV is a very popular website and many users download files from here but after the website get banned they didn’t find any file related to torrent, but now I will give you some proxies which you can use to access this website as you know that a proxy is used for security reasons and hide all your personal data when you are surfing the internet. There is no plenty of proxies available on google; you can easily access this website from the given proxies.

How EZTV Torrent Works?

EZTV torrent has its website and the hosting services. So the files uploaded will have proper security and access links. EZTV will upload different files on its servers and storages by creating links and trackers to download the torrent files directly on to your device. When a person downloads the data, he can choose to seed or share the file through EZTV torrent trackers. That is a very simple process.

All you need to do is to add the file in any torrent downloading software like Azure, utorrent, or BitTorrent, download the file on to your computer.

Then keep the file in the same location and do not delete the torrent file from the utorrent or BitTorrent software. Allow the utorrent software to seed and peer the content; this option is enabled by default. In this way, you can share the content with many people. Many people also share the content with you through EZTV torrent. This is how EZTV torrent works.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only.


This article is for all the EZTV lovers who were frustrated because of the continuous ban on different torrent sites like EZTV torrents and its proxy links. The website will update different links so that you can enjoy free EZTV access.

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    • The only way I can open them is if I use my vpn. vpn protects from being blocked by your internet service provider.

  1. I have been searching for a workable Eztv site for over two weeks now since Eztv.tf went down. No luck yet.
    All the links in the last list (sitenable etc.) load the Eztv page but will not download the torrent file.
    Crazy situation. Only site that seems to still work (for the moment) is ettv.


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