eHopper Review – Free Point of Sale Software for Bakeries

eHopper Review - Free Point of Sale Software for Bakeries

eHopper is a great point of sale system designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The eHopper software has many applications that allow you to manage your payments and improve overall efficiency. The eHopper point of sale is free and works well with a wide range of devices.

We advise that you use the eHopper point of sale for your bakery business. Our article gives you a review of how eHopper Point of Sale is viewed amongst users.

Does eHopper Use Cloud-based software or Traditional Software?

eHopper POS makes use of cloud-based software. The fact that it utilizes cloud-based software means you get to enjoy all the benefits of cloud-based systems. These benefits include

  • Access to several applications and information
  • Secure storage of data to a secure database. For extra security, a copy of the data is backed and saved to your web browser.
  • If you lose network connection, your eHopper POS automatically tries to re-establish a connection.

How does eHopper Fair in Terms of Ease of Set-up and Usage?

The eHopper point of sale is easy to install. However, if you run into difficulty, there are checklists and helpful videos that help you out. Several articles cover different topics from the setup to processing exchange and setting up inventory management.

Using the eHopper point of sale is fairly easy. The design and layout are simple, allowing you to set up all aspects of your business without hassle. You can input your inventory, create and manage customer profiles, and create profiles for your employees easily.

What are the Main Features of eHopper Point of Sale?

The ten main features of eHopper POS are

  • Management of Workflow – the POS software allows you to reduce work inefficiencies and optimize your daily operations. eHopper software allows you to automate most of your business operations, reducing the amount of human error.
  • Purchase Order Management – this feature allows you to streamline your bakery operations and improve customer experience.  With the purchase order management feature, you can monitor a customer’s order until it is dispatched to the customer. Also, gain access to previous orders, print receipts, and refund orders with ease.
  • Order Management – with eHopper’s order management, you can select the customer’s order type. The order type may differ across customers.
  • Employee Management – keep track of your employees schedule from anywhere. It also allows you to set up preauthorization levels for all employees.
  • Customer Profile Management – saves data on customer’s information and orders. The saved information allows you to predetermine what each customer would like to get.
  • Loyalty Program – eHopper offers loyalty rewards to your customers to encourage them to keep patronizing you. The loyalty program allows your customers to redeem or earn points for patronizing your bakery.
  • Inventory Managementanagement – the inventory feature allows you access to track your supplies, ensuring you have the necessary quantities for the bakery.
  • User Access Authorization – this feature allows you to set authorization codes for processes. Your employees only have access to the information they are cleared to view via the password.
  • Marketing Tools – eHopper allows you to utilize customer data in creating marketing offers. You can use the customer engagement features to send marketing emails, text, and flyers to your customers.
  • Reporting – this provides you with reports on the operations of your bakery.

Why Should I Use eHopper Point of Sale for My Bakery?

eHopper point of sale is designed to meet your bakery’s every need. The eHopper POS provides you with every tool you need to ensure your customers leave happy and satisfied. The functionality and improved efficiency it offers your bakery is second to none.

Let us take a look at some reasons why you should use the eHopper point of sale in your bakery.

  1. Ease of Fulfilling Orders – using the eHopper point of sale is very easy. Bakeries often have requests for custom made pastries and cakes. eHopper helps you fulfill the unique requests of your customers easily and quickly. You can customize each order and input it into the software for ease.
  2. Keep Track of Your Inventory – with eHopper, you can monitor your cash as well as other resources in your bakery. The inbuilt reporting feature of eHopper POS helps you analyze and report your customer’s favorite orders.
  3. Increased Reach – you can reach more customers with eHopper. It has marketing tools that help spread the word about your bakery. Feel free to take advantage of the features eHopper point of sale has to offer your bakery.
  4. Accessibility – eHopper POS offers you access to several applications you need for your bakery. Add this to the fact that it is compatible with most devices, and you have a perfect solution to all your bakery’s needs.

How does eHopper Help My Bakery Business?

eHopper offers you a suite of applications to help your business(source). We have summarised the ways eHopper improves your efficiency below.

  • Improved Workflow – you can streamline all of your bakeries processes. The streamlined workflow makes it possible for you to review all transactions, track all payments, and analyze your daily operations.
  • Inventory Control – with eHopper, you can easily keep track of all your goods, both raw and baked. With this, you can rest easy, knowing you always have your desired amount of resources at every point.
  • Marketing – you can market your bakery shop easily and get increased foot traffic with eHopper POS. You can efficiently draw up strategies for promotions. Using the data from customers, eHopper point of sale, helps you send out emails, letters, and social media adverts.
  • Easy Installation and Usage – eHopper point of sale can be installed quickly with no hassle whatsoever. The installation manual is written in clear, easy to understand English.
  • Improved Access – because eHopper is cloud-based software, you can access several applications you wish to. You can access apps stored in Cloud easily from any location using any device. The enhanced access improves your bakery performance and allows you to focus on other aspects of your bakery business.
  • Security – your important data are encrypted and stored securely in eHopper’s database. Data stored include – credit card information and online mobile wallet details. You can even set different levels of authorization for your staff, allowing restricted access to specific data.

The prioritized security of billing information earns you the trust of your customers.

How Much Does eHopper Point of Sale Cost?

The price of the eHopper point of sale varies depending on which service you sign up for. There is a free POS version, Freedom version, Restaurant bundle, and the Omnichannel bundle.

1. Free POS Version

As the name states, it is free, with no monthly subscription fee. However, there are limits to what you can do with the free version.


  • US users get free card processing with no surcharges.
  • Allows you to track orders, manage tips, inventory, and customers.
  • It works on both Android and Apple devices.
  • It gives you the option of purchasing hardware from them or a third party.
  • Limits you to just one Point of Service.

2. Freedom Version

To get access to this version, you are required to pay a monthly subscription of 30 dollars. It gives you the features of the free version with extra additions.


  • Allows you to manage your ingredients, adjust inventory, and build your menu.
  • You get access to training on how to implement the eHopper point of sale.

3. Restaurant eHopper POS

 The restaurant eHopper point of sale costs you 40 dollars each month for a subscription. It comes with an additional point of sale. It offers you the functionality of the freedom version with extra features.


  • With the restaurant eHopper, you have access to table and floor management.
  • It also allows you to integrate QuickBooks and keep count of the cash denominations.

4. Omnichannel

The Omnichannel subscription gives you access to all the functions of the eHopper point of sale. It costs 80 dollars monthly for access.


  • It qualifies you for the loyalty program where you and your customers stand to benefit
  • Gives you access to a suite of marketing tools such as website, email marketing, testimonials, and so much more.
  • It allows you to determine what aspects of your business days you wish to share with your employees. Set up the preauthorization feature.
  • Gives you access to digital signage.


eHopper point of sale simplifies your bakery’s point of sale with its many features. It gives you access to various applications and lets you access your data from anywhere with any device. In addition to all the great features, eHopper offers you round the clock mail and phone support. If you are looking for a free POS for your bakery, we recommend the eHopper point of sale.

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