TOP 5 Gaming Trends in India This Year

TOP 5 Gaming Trends in India This Year

India has become one of the biggest markets for the gaming industry. The number of gamers is ever-increasing and there are a lot of trends making this happen.

A report confirms that at the start of 2020, online gaming in the country rose to a significant rate of 21%. Apparently, this can be chiefly attributed to the lock-down which enabled players to play various online games. In the same vein, the availability of cheap smartphones made access to online games easier. Hence, gamers could play their favorite games in the comfort of their homes. The teeming population is also adopting new gaming technology such as virtual reality (VR) gaming.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 gaming trends in the country this year.

Easy Digested Games

Indians love to play casual games that are easy to learn. A good example is Teen Patti. It is without a doubt, the number one game in India. The main reason for this is that it’s easy to play. In fact, the rules of Teen Patti are so basic making it easy to learn. Indeed, anyone, including youngsters can learn them in a day.

Game designers have acknowledged the love of Indians for these simple traditional card games. Therefore, they continue to come up with online platforms where Indians can play these easy games. They are also trying their possible best to make these games available to be customized in different local dialects.

Cash-Based Games

Indians are placing bets on cash-based games like never before. Bettors are seeing it as a means to increase their earnings. Although, cash-based games in India started with online games such as Rummy, Baccarat, Poker, amongst others. The lock-down particularly encouraged many players to engage more in new types of games that can fetch them money. Indian players now patronize Baccarat and other games as an alternative means to make real money.

Live Stream and Play

One key trend that has occurred in the country this year is the playing of live-streamed games. The cloud-based game platform enables a player to store games from different developers in a single game folder without downloads. Apple and Google are among the first developers to recognize the importance of cloud-based games. Hence, the former launched Stadia and the later, Arcade into the gaming market in 2019. 

With a stable internet connection, players can have access and stream cloud-based games at any convenient time. A major advantage of the cloud-based games is that they can be played across all internet-enabled platforms. These include PCs, Tablets, iOS, and Androids.

A number of reasons have led to an increase in live-streamed games in India. First of all, the widespread availability of 5G network masts has enabled high-speed internet connections. Second, is the access to free WIFI and cheap internet data. Lastly, cloud-based games can be played on the go because they are compatible with mobile devices.

Gaming with Communities

Playing online games with other people has now become a new trend in the online gaming market, specifically in India. Many Indian players are now appreciating playing multiplayer games with family, friends, and unknown competitors from all over the world. These games are available to be played on low-end devices offering a wide range of Indians access to play. Game developers are trying to enable players to customize tournaments with other competitors while playing Indian games. 

Popular games like Habbo, PUBG, Ludo King, and COD enable players to socialize with friends and also earn rewards in return. Apart from the opportunity for social interaction, they also gain a sense of success when they win their opponent. 

New Platforms

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming a hit in the Indian online gaming market. VR and AR particularly are gradually becoming a trend amongst online gamers in India. They are relatively a new platform and are becoming increasingly popular in the world of online gaming in general. With these platforms, gamers interact with other contestants and a live dealer in the comfort of their homes.

Many Indian gamers are now enjoying online gaming in a virtual enhanced environment. All they do is to get their VR gadgets ready to be able to enjoy the game. This engages their senses and makes them feel as if they are playing in a land-based casino.

This platform though has not yet penetrated the online casinos to a much significant extent. This is because the pieces of equipment are not readily available in the market and are somewhat expensive. Nevertheless, it is expected to dominate the online casinos more in the nearest future.  Thus, it will enable gamers to have an immersive and interactive gaming experience. So, they can now enjoy online games as never before with lots of excitement.

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