Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Business Loan Offer

A Business Loan is often needed in business for many reasons: You may need to fund your start-up costs, purchase equipment, expand your physical plant, build up working capital, or more. However, the terms of the business loan are vitally important to consider, as are a variety of other factors. As such, before taking out a loan, keep in mind the conditions behind that loan, including the following:

Interest Rates

As noted by the financial experts at Lantern by SoFi, among the most critical factors that determine a business loan’s viability to your business are SBA business loan rates. This refers to the specific interest rates.

Interest rates are the amount of money you pay to a bank or investment firm. It allows them to financially profit off of the loan while also serving as a hedge against risk for the lender, with the lender increasing the amount of interest you pay based on your perceived risk. The interest rates for publicly-backed programs are usually relatively low, the rate itself can fluctuate, depending on a variety of factors. These can include the type of program you enroll in, the term of your business loan, and the risk that you may have that goes with the loan. 


Term is another way of referring to the amount of time you have to pay back the loan. Loans can be repayable over the short, medium, or long term. Some loans may not have prepay options, meaning you must pay the loan back over the exact amount of time, even if you have the financial ability to pay it back faster. 

You ultimately will usually have some flexibility in deciding a loan term, but at the end of the day, you are hemmed in by whatever conditions are set by the participating financial institution. Remember, generally speaking, the longer the loan, the lower the payment – but the more you ultimately pay in interest over the life of a loan. As such, make sure to decide on the right length for you. 

Forgiveness Options

Sometimes, a loan may have a forgiveness option. These are more likely with public loan options, such as the Paycheck Protection Program, and even then, they are relatively rare. However, some loans will have these options, and you will usually have to meet a set of conditions before they can be met. If a loan has a forgiveness option, that can obviously make it hugely beneficial to you and your business, as even partial loan forgiveness can be a huge boon to you and your bottom line. As such, make sure to check out what those forgiveness options may be.

As you are no doubt aware, business loans are hugely important to your success and ability to operate. The terms of those loans are almost as critical as when you get a loan in the first place, which is why you simply must take your time and do your homework to find the best loan option for you and your business. 

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