Here’s Why You Should Prepare from NCERT Books

NCERT covers all the subjects from class 1 to class 12. NCERT books are prescribed by CBSE. They cover the syllabus and suitable for CBSE students. If your exams are approaching, you can easily depend on the NCERT books for guidance. They are designed in an easy and systematic way. The concepts can be grasped easily without any hassle. If your exams are ahead, and you have not prepared anything yet, you can read the NCERT books. They will guide you in your exam preparation. You can read the books with ease. There are examples, diagrams, activity and exemplar questions in the NCERT textbooks. Some of the reasons why you should prepare from NCERT books are:

  • They cover the CBSE syllabus: NCERT books include all the chapters or units for the exam. It is sufficient for a CBSE student. You do not have to buy any other book for your exam. Go through the syllabus and you will get an overview of the subject. The mark distribution is also provided in the syllabus. After going through the syllabus once, you will be able to prepare your timetable. 
  • Designed by experts: NCERT books are designed by experts or professionals. They have in-depth knowledge of their subject. It is designed according to the needs of the student. Since they are experts in their respective subjects, the books are reliable and authentic. They will include things, which are relevant. The information are collected from authentic sources. 
  • Easy language: The books are written in easy language. You will be able to grasp the concepts easily. The experts have written the books in an easy language so that even an average student can easily understand it. Simply, going through the books will give you a better understanding of the chapter.
  • Clears the concepts: Since NCERT books are written in an easy language, you can easily understand the concepts. They will clear the basic or fundamental concepts. The concepts are explained in an easy language. There is a step-by-step explanation of each chapter. It will help you to prepare for the class exams, board exams or other competitive exams. If your basic concepts are not clear, you can simply refer to the NCERT books for guidance and help. Once your concepts are clear, you will be able to perform better in your exam.
  • Recommended by CBSE: NCERT books are recommended by CBSE because they meet the needs of the CBSE students. You can simply stick to NCERT books if you are a student of CBSE. They fulfill the demands and requirements of the students.
  • Follows the guidelines of CBSE: NCERT books follow the rules and regulations of CBSE. 
  • Exercises: There are many exercises in the NCERT books. The exercises are designed in such a way so that the students find the chapter interesting instead of boring and dull. It will help to test the knowledge of the students. If you practice the exercises properly, you will easily answer the questions in your exam. If your exams are approaching, you should practice the exercises to test the level of your preparation. You will come across many important questions or points. 
  • Activities: NCERT books offer many activity-based questions. It will make your learning full of fun and interesting. There are many activity-based questions in the books. It can be an individual activity or group activity. It will improve the interaction between the teacher and student. It shows how learning can be utilized in your daily life. 
  • Authentic: The books are authentic and you can rely on them. Every piece of information and knowledge are accurate. The books are written by teachers, professors, researchers and scholars. The information is published in the book after thorough research. 
  • Examples: There are many examples in the NCERT books. Each and every concept is explained with an example. It will help you to get a better understanding of the chapter. There are real-life examples as well. It will help to make learning more practical. Also, there are students who may not understand the concept, he or she can take the help of examples from the book.
  • Important questions: NCERT books consist of many NCERT  important questions. It will help in your exam. All the important questions may come in your exam. If you solve these important questions, you will not face any difficulty in your exam. There are also many problems, which you may solve on your own.
  • In-depth knowledge: The NCERT books provide in-depth knowledge of the subject. Each and every chapter is explained in a detailed manner. 
  • Not time consuming: NCERT books will save your time and energy. If your exams are on the way, you do not have to take the help of other books. NCERT books cover the entire syllabus. It provides the required knowledge and information. Studying and learning from many books can consume a lot of time. 
  • Self-Study: You can study the books on your own. The lessons or chapters are designed in such a way that you can easily grasp the concept without the help of anyone. If you are someone, who loves studying at own space and time, NCERT books will be helpful for you.
  • Available both offline and online: NCERT books are available both offline and online. You can buy it from the market or download it online. You can study the pdfs at any time anywhere.

Thus, if you are a student of CBSE, NCERT books are a must for you. They will provide you with authentic materials and important notes. Read the books thoroughly, if you want to improve your marks in your CBSE exam. Be it maths, science, social science or language, it will guide you in every subject. It will make your preparation smooth or hassle-free.

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