7 Tips To Writing An Essay In A Foreign Language

7 Tips To Writing An Essay In A Foreign Language 1

Writing an essay in a foreign language is first and foremost a test of a student’s level of knowledge. Many people find it difficult to express their thoughts in their native language, let alone a foreign one. We have collected tips from an experienced essay writer on how to cope with writing in another language. 

Why do we write essays in a foreign language?

An essay is not just a teacher’s desire to keep you busy with an assignment. With an essay, students can:

  • learn how to express their thoughts in coherent texts systematically;
  • develop the ability to write in a foreign language;
  • go into the subject slowly and thoughtfully and organize their thoughts in writing;
  • consolidate learned material (lexical structures, grammatical constructions);
  • develop skills of academic literacy;
  • develop interdisciplinary connections;
  • learn to express themselves in a foreign language.

Для преподавателя, это возможность оценить, как студенты выучили пройденный материал и постепенно наблюдать за их интеллектуальным взрослением. 

How to write an essay in a foreign language?

Writing an essay in a foreign language is not much different from our accustomed process of working with a future text. However, there are nuances. 

As a rule, the topic for writing an essay is suggested by the teacher. As we noted earlier, the essay tests how the student has assimilated the learned material. That’s why you should make the most of the knowledge you’ve gained over a certain period. Before writing an essay in a foreign language, repeat all the learned vocabulary, grammatical constructions, etc. 

Make a draft

A draft will help you structure your ideas and brainstorm on the topic. Make a plan, gradually adding details to it. This will help you write your essay faster and reduce the number of mistakes in the finished work.

Stick to a structure

Follow the general guidelines for structure and do not exceed the volume. If you need to write a 200-word essay, you shouldn’t scribble three pages in the hope of getting a higher score. Always follow the task set clearly. 

Be brief

Express your thoughts briefly, without going too deep into reasoning. Try to use more advanced grammatical and lexical structures. 

Stick to a formal style

The official style of writing is the best option for an essay unless otherwise specified. Even if you watch shows in a foreign language at home, you should not use abbreviations, slang, and colloquial expressions.

Use linking words

Special words will help you express your thoughts consistently, lead the reader to a conclusion and build the proper structure in the text. Moreover, it will show your high level of foreign language proficiency. However, you must mind the amount and not overdo it. 

Diverse vocabulary and grammar

Although the essay is written in a formal style, it doesn’t hurt to add some brightness to it to add personality to the text. If appropriate, use synonyms (demonstrate your vocabulary). As for grammar and complex sentences, use them only if you are confident in your knowledge. Otherwise, mistakes or improper use of tense will not play into your hands.


This is a crucial step in writing an essay in a foreign language. Always leave time to check your work. First, read the text coherently, tracing the logic of the narrative. The second time, check your work from the end, reading one sentence at a time and forgetting about the context. This will help you find possible lexical and grammatical errors. 

We hope that our seven tips will make the process of writing an essay in a foreign language easier for you. Don’t get upset if you make mistakes. Remember and analyze them, repeat the rule, and keep writing. 

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