How to Edit Your Gaming Montage Videos Online

You can find many raw, unedited gaming montage videos with shallow views if you look online. And it is strange as with just a bit of time and effort in editing the video on an online video editing platform, many of these videos can turn out to be very engaging clips and could also attract many new viewers on the channel or website.

How to Edit Your Gaming Montage Videos Online

The truth of the matter is that sometimes people do not want the entire gaming montage videos in the first place. Many people who are watching gaming montage videos have a short attention span as they either need the solution to the problem they are facing in the game or want to get entertained by the most epic moments.

Therefore, to get their attention for short attention span people, you need to plan and make your gaming montage video more helpful and enjoyable on a good video editor as a professional. If you have little patience, you can make a stunning gaming montage video in no time.

Here are all the steps that you need to know on how you can edit your gaming montage videos online on any video editing software.

1. Plan Your Game Montage Production Ahead and Then Capture Your Video Idea 

It is very typical to get excited to start playing a game and recording for your video but hold for a second and think that having a plan is the primary key to making a significant, valuable and enjoyable gaming montage video.

Even if you do not need a detailed scenario with a script for your voice commentaries, you still have to have a clear idea of what you are going to produce. Therefore, you should start answering the following questions yourself.

2. Which Genre Are You Planning To Keep In Your Gaming Video? 

What do you think? What are you doing to record a walkthrough or an LP? Once you choose your game, try to stay focused and imagine someone promising to show you how to do something in the game and then take a very long time to get to the point by wandering around and talking off-topic. Wouldn’t that be annoying? Therefore, try not to do something like that in your video.

3. What Is Your Goal? 

Are you doing it for fun, or do you want to maximize your number of views? The answer to this question will help you to decide which game to choose and what to show precisely in your video.

If you cannot care less about the views and getting found over the internet, then go ahead and make what you love. But when you have your goal, you can focus on growing. You might even want to do some research and find out what people are looking for these days.

Then by producing a gaming montage video that can meet all the viewers’ requests, you can take your chances of indexing online and showing up among the first results where all the viewer’s eyeballs are higher.

4. What Would You Choose As Your Soundtrack? 

It might look like a straightforward question, but you should always take a couple of minutes to think about it before you start recording. For example; If you are planning to use your voice, you should make sure that your microphone works properly. And even if you are planning to add a little background soundtrack, you will need the game’s sound, too; therefore, design and edit your soundtrack accordingly.

According to your planning and concept, start to capture or record your gaming montage video.

5. Capturing Your Video 

When you are starting to record your gaming montage video, make sure that your laptop or PC can handle the load and the pressure of recording the game while you play the same. If your device cannot control the pressure and the load, you might find your recording-breaking or lagging, which will affect your quality of the video as a result.

6. Import and Trim Your Video 

When you open your video editing software, create a new project and import all the files you have recorded in your editing application. Typically your recording would be stored in MP4 format, which would be easy to handle in all the updated editing software.

Then once all your videos get imported into the application, start placing them on the timeline. So you can then edit and trim all the unnecessary parts of your recordings that you think are not needed in the final video, so you will find only that highlight reel-worthy collection by the end of this step. Make sure that you go through all the clips repeatedly, so you do not miss anything out.

7. Place and Trim Your Soundtrack 

Import your soundtrack in your video editing software when you complete your rearranging and placing your clips in a sequence that brings out your video’s points and fun factors.

When you place your soundtrack, make sure that you edit it to impact your audience while watching your video.

Sometimes you might also want the game’s sound to pop up when you show something important about the game, so make sure that your other soundtrack or music is low and smooth. Also, remember to make the transitions of low and high sound smooth; if not, then your sound of the video might hurt your audience’s ears, leading them to leave your video before it’s even finished.

8. Add a Cinematic Touch 

When you complete adding music to your videos, give your video a final touch before exporting your video.

To give your video a dynamic punch, you can use video effects like bleach bypass or lens distortion where it is needed. You can also give transitions anywhere from simple light dims to glowing transitions and dynamic zooms.

Make sure that you do not overdo these types of effects and transitions. If you do, then the meaning of your video might get lost.

Ending Note 

There you have it, an easy way to make your gaming montage. When you are happy with your creation, you can hit the download or export button in your editing software. Remember, making a gaming montage is tricky, so it might take a few practice videos until you create the perfect one, making you proud. So, keep trying and practicing if you love gaming, then giving up is not an option!

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