What is a Flagship Phone and Are They Worth It?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S20+, and the Google Pixel 5 all have one special feature in common: besides the fact that they are all top-rated smartphones, they are also considered to be flagship phones.

A flagship phone is one that is the current face of the brand, such as the iPhone for Apple. It is often the latest and greatest phone released, the most costly phone available at $600+, and replaced by a newer model every year.

Knowing that these phones are only highly-desired for about a year, is it worth buying one as soon as it hits the market?

What is a Flagship Phone and Are They Worth It?

Why a Flagship Phone May Be Worth It

All smartphones serve the same basic purpose, which is to communicate with others.

But the reason why you may become drawn specifically to a flagship when it is first released is because of its exclusive features, software updates, and a promise for better performance.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max makes the perfect example. One of the first things you will see when you to go the product’s information page is a list of all of its features

5G network
The quickest speed for a smartphone ever
A high-quality camera with Night mode capabilities and bigger pixels
A ceramic shield casing that has four times better drop performance

As you scroll, you will continue to see an emphasis on more of the phone’s features.

Maybe you’ll want this flagship phone because of its larger screen, its surgical-grade stainless steel case, or its industry-leading IP68 water resistance.

If that does not win you over, maybe the A14 Bionic, which is the first 5-nanometer chip in the industry, or the LiDAR Scanner designed by NASA will.

Without a doubt, the features on the iPhone 12 and its competitor’s devices are very captivating and cool to have on hand.

Once you consider the basic use of these phones no matter how smart or advanced they are, is it still worth it for you to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone just because it gives you the ability to list off its features to someone else?

If you prioritize a phone’s camera quality or storage over anything else, a flagship phone may fit you best. But if these features do not contribute greatly to how you use your phone, you may want to reconsider before making a purchase.

Digitogy shows that flagship devices are worth it if you actually know how to use the features you’re paying for since many people who do not know much about technology think they need these features but don’t realize what they actually entail.

Why You Should Reconsider

The reason why companies are thriving and can release new flagship phones every year is because they do a great job of keeping up with trends.

When people wanted quick access to information, phone companies began to incorporate 4G and 5G networks.

When people became tired of carrying around a bulky camera to get a great shot, phone companies made their handheld devices as good of quality as a DSLR.

When people continued to lose their phones to accidental spills and drops, phone companies made their phones more durable.

Needless to say, these companies are paying close attention and catering to people’s wants.

But just because phone trends are going in a certain direction does not mean that you have to follow them.

You can always carry a compact camera or rely on a LifeProof phone case. But beyond that, you can also trust the performance of another phone even if it is not an anchor phone.

Phones such as the iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S7, and Google Pixel 3 are all high performance with notable qualities even though they are not considered flagships. But at one point in time, they were.

Marketing also plays a big role in how a certain phone becomes a flagship. Of course, a group of people is going to be intrigued by a phone that is constantly being advertised and associated with being sleek, durable, and speedy.

What to Do if You Want a Flagship But Don’t Like the Cost

If you don’t prioritize the novelty of a phone and rather its performance quality, there are second-hand tech companies that sell all types of devices in pristine condition for an affordable price.

And if you need extra cash to purchase the next flagship to hit the market, you can always turn to these same tech companies to sell your phone and receive the most money guaranteed despite its condition.

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