Luxury Watch Brands You’ve Got to Check Out

Luxury Watch Brands You’ve Got to Check Out 1

Nowadays, the collection of little bits and bobs has become more mainstream due to the rise of online shopping. These collections can range from little trinkets such as stationery items to expensive and highly valuable items like luxury watches. Because of their value, costly and valuable items such as luxury watches are often a good investment. 

Though collecting luxury watches is usually seen as a hobby, it can also be seen as an investment. Companies sometimes put products out of production, and because of this scarcity, the value of certain watches may increase. With that, if you’re considering getting into collecting luxury watches, here are some brands you’ve got to check out. 


With a rich history spanning over 135 years, Breitling is a decorated company that provides excellent luxury watches to its clients. This watch company’s timepieces are timeless as a watch should be, incredibly versatile, and are great for whatever occasions, as well as extremely practical and long-lasting. 

Breitling is known for its highly accurate and well-crafted watches, ensuring customer satisfaction. They have watches suited for all types of people, such as businessmen and collectors, but are incredibly well-suited for pilots and aviators. Due to their classic and timeless design, Breitling watches never go out of style, making them perfect for both collecting and selling.


 A list of luxury watch brands would be incomplete without one of the most famous of them all– Rolex. This watch company is well-renowned for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, Rolex’s watches are highly durable and robust due to their innovative and fresh approach to watchmaking. 

Secondly, because Rolex used Oystersteel, a member of the 904L steel family, their watches are guaranteed to withstand the test of time. Lastly, not only are Rolex watches durable, but they are also highly accurate when it comes to telling the time. Rolex is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for beautiful and durable watches. 


A sister company of Rolex, Tudor develops high-quality watches for a lower price. If you want to get a watch that has the same feel as a Rolex but has a lesser impact on your bank account or wallet, Tudor is most likely the brand for you. However, Tudor’s marketability does not stop at just that. 

Just like Rolex, Tudor’s watches are also highly reliable as they are made with 904L steel as well, not to mention their excellent designs. This company has also gained recognition from both enthusiasts and collectors, further ensuring those interested in purchasing a Tudor watch that their purchases will be worthwhile. 

Patek Philippe

Another well-known watch brand, Patek Philippe has been in the watch industry since the 19th century. Just like the brands that have been mentioned above, Patek Philippe has also mastered the art of watchmaking. Unlike Rolex, Patek Philippe focuses more on the design and production of luxury dress watches. In contrast, Rolex focuses more on luxury sports watches. 

Patek Philippe is a beautiful combination of classy and timeless design with unbridled practicality and versatility. Watches from this brand also have excellent resale value, making them great for day-to-day use and collection purposes and as an investment you can earn money from. 


A Swiss watch company, Omega has been creating quality watches and refining their craft since 1848. The values of most limited edition Omega watches usually increase as time passes, making them an excellent investment. Not only that, but Omega also produces high-quality, durable, as well as aesthetically pleasing watches. 

Omega has made lots of iconic watches throughout the years. One such example is the Omega Speedmaster, the timepiece worn by Neil Armstrong when he first landed on the moon, and the Omega Seamaster that James Bond wore. These qualities make Omega one of the best watch brands you can buy luxury watches from. 


With luxury watches becoming all the more accessible due to online shopping and online retailers, the collection of luxury watches is a hobby that has been seeing rapid growth in popularity. However, just because a brand claims to be luxurious doesn’t mean that they meet the criteria a luxury brand ought to have. 

Luxury watches ought to be practical and durable, just like a regular watch, but also be able to stand out from other watches in the market– they must look, feel, and live up to the standards of being luxurious. Though the brands mentioned earlier are considered mainstream, you’ll never go wrong with purchasing watches from well-renowned luxury watch brands. 

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