5 Best Breitling Watches in 2021

5 Best Breitling Watches in 2021 1

Aside from being functional and sturdy, watches must also compliment a person’s outfit. Timepieces can make or break your outfits. Therefore it is essential to choose a timepiece that does not clash with the clothes you wear daily. Aside from putting an outfit together, watches are also a way to determine what kind of person an individual is. 

Simple, elegant, and functional, Breitling watches put any outfit together and provide the wearer with a practical and sturdy watch. With over 135 years of history to its name, quality and timeless designs are expected from Breitling. With that, here are some of the best watches Breitling has to offer in 2021. 

Breitling Superocean Heritage II Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch

Known for their accuracy and precision, as well as their excellent design, Breitling watches give buyers the most bang for their buck. The Superocean Heritage II is a perfect example of Breitling’s fantastic combination of practicality and sturdiness as well as luxury and excellent design. 

Its stainless steel case and band ensure that the watch stays in perfect condition as you go about day-to-day activities, and its 200-meter water resistance guarantees that your watch remains functional even as you frolic in the ocean. Not only that, but its stainless steel band and case complement the blue dial well, making it a staple for every man’s closet. 

Breitling Navitimer 8 Automatic 41 Black Dial Men’s Watch

The Breitling Navitimer has a sleek and simple design suited for any and all occasions. Its black dial and black leather band provide this watch with versatility, while its stainless steel case ensures that the watch face remains unharmed and scratch-free. Not only that, but its luminous silver-tone watch hands contrast the black dial excellently. 

With a diameter of 41 mm, this watch is the perfect size for anybody’s wrist. This watch is both stylish and functional, seeing as it has 100-meter water resistance, a battery reserve of 42 hours, and a stainless steel case that protects the watch and prevents it from getting scratched. 

Breitling Watch Galactic 36 SleekT Pearl Diamond

Bright and pristine, the Breitling Galactic watch is the perfect timepiece for every lady. Its white dial and silver clock hands complement each other wonderfully. Just as the clock hands complement the white dial, the indexes also complement the watch’s dial excellently. These features all add up to create an aesthetically pleasing watch. 

Not only is the Breitling Galactic watch aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to the eyes. Just like the other watches, this timepiece also has water resistance, albeit at a shallower depth. It has water resistance of up to 100 meters and has a stainless steel case that guarantees protection. 

Breitling Aviator 8 Curtiss Warhawk Chronograph Automatic Green Dial Men’s Watch

With its design on the more rugged side, the Breitling Aviator 8 Curtiss Warhawk is excellent for day-to-day use as well as more rigorous and demanding activities. Its fabric band makes the watch more breathable and comfortable and makes for a more straightforward cleaning process. This, paired with its 100-meter water resistance, make this timepiece excellent for daily use. 

Apart from its fabric band, the watch also has a green dial with luminous hands, making it easier to tell the time in dark areas. It also has a reserve of 48 hours– plenty of time to get its battery replaced. All in all, the Breitling Aviator 8 Curtiss Warhawk is an excellent watch due to its simplicity and versatility. 

Breitling Transocean Chronograph Automatic Men’s Diamond Watch

With a leather band and stainless steel case, the design of the Breitling Transocean Chronograph is as timeless as it is luxurious. Breitling is known for its precise chronographs, so those who buy this watch can expect nothing but precision and excellent performance from this watch. 

Its rose-gold hands compliment the brown dial excellently, making it perfect for both day-to-day activities as well as formal events. Just like the aforementioned timepieces, this watch also has water resistance up to 100 meters, making it perfect for simple aquatic activities and shallow dives. 


Some say that a watch can give some insight into the wearer’s character. As such, it is crucial to pick out a watch that suits you and whatever occasion you may be wearing it for. It is crucial to choose a watch that is elegant and simple yet hardy and multi-functional. 

Breitling offers some of the most elegant, precise, and practical watches in the market, making this brand an excellent choice for when you or someone you know is interested in purchasing a luxury watch. Breitling gives its clients products that live up to their expectations and gives their clients precisely what they pay for. 


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