GogoPDF: The Useful Guide In Compressing and Adding Watermark To Your PDF Files

GogoPDF: The Useful Guide In Compressing and Adding Watermark To Your PDF Files 1

The function of a PDF file is to have a read-only document. In the past, you cannot alter a PDF file. However, technology demands a lot of improvement nowadays. Since you cannot modify your PDF file alone, you need to have a web-based tool to make your PDF file editable and modifiable. 

One of the most known file format tools is the GogoPDF. You can add a watermark to your PDF, compress your PDF file, and many other available features. They have instructions and procedures that are good for computer beginners. This article will discuss some features you can find in GogoPDF.

Adding A Watermark To Your PDF File

You can just post your files online in the past and can consider it initially as yours. But today, once you post on the internet, people might use and make it their own. But, there is a solution for you. Once you use the Add Watermark to PDF tool of the GogoPDF, you can entirely consider it as yours.

Adding your watermark gives you full entitlement to that file since it contains your name and other trademarks that you created. The steps involved in doing this is effortless to do and could save you a considerable amount of time. 

Begin with selecting the file that you wish to add a watermark on, and drop it to their system. After that, you need to look for an image or text that you want to be your watermark. You can also select where to put your watermark in the file. The next thing is you have to wait until the process is over. After that, you can download your file.

Also, you can select various designs, colors, and images for your watermark using GogoPDF. You can surely make your watermark unique and exquisite at the same time! If you have created a watermark, you can brand it as your own. 

Compressing Your File Format

It is undeniable that you might get stuck with a file that contains massive data once in your lifetime. The struggle of having such a file is that it would be hard to transfer and share it online. As a result, one would need to compress their files. Luckily, Gogo PDF is always on the go. It offers to reduce your file format using easy steps. 

The fundamental function of file format compression is the reduction of your file’s size. However, it could also reduce the quality of your file. And sometimes, it may change the format of that file. That is why you need to choose a specific tool that maintains your file’s quality, similar to the original file.

GogoPDF allows compressing your PDF file easily and fast. It can maximize the reduction of your file’s size in the best possible way while still maintaining the quality similar to your original file.

The first thing they require is choosing the file you wish to compress and drop it in the file format compression tool. GogoPDF will start to analyze your file. You just have to wait for a few seconds until it’s done. After the process, you can download and share it online! The process entirely takes only a few minutes, depending on your internet connection! 

A Secure Tool For Your File Format

 Most people, especially those working in the government, have files that contain confidential information. One will be worried if the tools they are using are not secure. A worst-case could happen at any time, such as using your personal information to scam other people. Nobody wants that.

The good thing is that GogoPDF deletes your file automatically an hour after finishing your file format alteration using their tools. You will not have to worry if your confidential files might get leaked to the general public! GogoPDF ensures the safest means for your files. You can also read their Privacy and Security features for more information. 

Upload Via Cloud

GogoPDF supports the Cloud System. With this, you can save and upload your files online without touching your gadgets’ memory space. You can quickly scan and review your files using this system! 


There you have some of the information that would guide you in using the GogoPDF tool. One must experience the comfort that this tool offers. They still have a lot of available features, and it is found on their website. You can also avail of their free trial but for a limited time only! 

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