The Most Convenient Way to Unlock Password-Encrypted PDF Files

The Most Convenient Way to Unlock Password-Encrypted PDF Files 1

In this modernized age, almost everything is encrypted with passwords to secure confidentiality. While the existence of encryptions is reasonable and understandable, there are really times where the number of platforms needing passwords can get overwhelming that you end up getting all of it mixed up, or worse, you end up forgetting it.

It could happen to anyone. Maybe it even happened to you once in your life, where you forget a password and end up creating a new account since you just cannot remember the combinations you made. If it happens that you have forgotten the password of your encrypted PDF files, the platform we will introduce can be of great help to you. 

Meet your Lifesaver, GoGoPDF 

GoGoPDF is a web-based platform that allows you to unlock PDF files. The password remover of GoGoPDF boasts top-notch quality and features that you can avail of for cheap or even for free. Aside from the decryption tool, it also offers other services like conversion of files, modification, and merging of PDFs; there are countless options depending on your need.  

Hassle-free and swift processing 

Time is gold. You would rather spend your time working on your presentation or project than wait for an online process to finish. The creator of GoGoPDF understands the importance of time. It is for this reason that the website is specifically designed to have swift processing. In a few minutes, you will already have the decrypted format of your PDF ready for download. 

Aside from the swift processing, the website is also designed to cater to those non-tech-savvy people. Many websites on the internet can be a headache because of their complicated directions and confusing platform set-up. You would not be experiencing any of those with GoGoPDF. The platform is easy to grasp, and the instructions are easy to follow. 

Platform Compatibility 

It is valid to be anxious that your device may not work as flawlessly with the platform. After all, there are many platforms on the internet that have limited compatibility; It is a good thing that GoGoPDF is not one of those platforms. It can work without any problem across various devices, operating systems, and even browsers. 

Assured that your device can work with GoGoPDF, the next thing to do is secure a stable internet connection. That is the only thing you have to worry about, which is not as demanding compared to the pricey and hassle software installation. Also, since everything is done on the internet through cloud storage, it would not affect your device’s storage.

Customer’s Privacy Protection 

Among the risks of the web is its susceptibility to unauthorized access and data leakage, which can be damaging, especially if the information acquired is something confidential or, at worst, crucial. This is also the reason why all websites have their privacy policy. However, there is something unique with the privacy policy of GoGoPDF. 

The creators of GoGoPDF genuinely care about the privacy rights of the users, and it is reflected in the privacy policy of the website. In line with this, whatever is encoded or uploaded in the server, confidential or not, will be deleted an hour after completing the process. Also, there is an encryption tool to protect the data deposited in the server. 

Steps in unlocking password-encrypted PDF file through GoGoPDF

As boasted by the platform, the website is characterized by a convenient process that goes four-folds. The first thing you have to do is to upload the encrypted PDF to the server. You may do so by dragging the file to the password remover or by directly selecting it from your device. The second step is where the platform decrypts your PDF file, removing the password. 

For the third step, wait for the platform to get the job done. As mentioned, since the creator prides itself on quick processing, it will not take too much of your time. As for the last step, the platform will render your decrypted PDF file ready for you to download on your device. You may also opt to send it using your email and even share it using your social media accounts. 


There is no need to worry about forgetting your PDF passwords or to pay for a huge amount of money to buy a password removing tool; you have your lifesaver GoGoPDF to the rescue. Aside from the fact that this website gets the job done in just a few clicks, it ensures that you will only access the best quality on the internet and the most convenient experience. 

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