Personal Injury Claim: The Expenses That Most Victims Won’t Think About

Suffering an injury because of someone else’s irresponsibility is something that can cause a lot of physical, emotional, and financial problems. While something as common as medical bills and lost wages is often at the forefront of minds when the event is still fresh in memory, there is usually much more to consider. It is easy to overlook these damages.

This is why it is important to hire experienced legal professionals, like The Levin Firm’s personal injury lawyers. Their knowledge of personal injury law and the methods involved in getting fair compensation for victims is second to none. They will be by the victims’ side until a favorable decision is made.

This article talks about some of the losses that most victims don’t pay enough attention to.

Personal Injury Claim: The Expenses That Most Victims Won't Think About 1

The Hidden Consequences of an Accident

  1. Ongoing medical treatment

The cost of hospital treatment for the injury will be very clear and thus recognizable. But the expenses for long-term treatment may remain hidden.

Depending on how serious your injury is, you may be under the care of a physical therapist, specialist rehabilitation services, or even home healthcare assistance for a prolonged period of time. These amounts will add up and may place you in a pretty difficult financial spot.

  1. Home Modifications 

Survivors of severe accidents or victims who suffer disability are likely to think about remodeling their homes to move around without any hassle. 

These modifications generally include:

  • Installing ramps
  • Widening doorways
  • Remodeling bathrooms to be more accessible

Working out the expenses for renovations is part and parcel of a personal injury claim.

  1. Mental health support 

Apart from the physical impact, there can be a psychological effect that is equally significant. Victims are likely to sleep with scary monsters, such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

Professional assistance, mainly counseling sessions and therapy, is instrumental to their recovery. Sadly, the cost involved in all this is sometimes not considered by victims.

Personal Injury Claim: The Expenses That Most Victims Won't Think About 2

Quantifying the Intangible Losses

  1. Pain and suffering  

Although the process of quantifying emotional and physical pain and suffering may be an obstacle, the immeasurability of these aspects should not be used as a rationale for ignoring them.

The factors involved in estimating pain and suffering damages include

  • The intensity of the injury
  • The time required for recovery 
  • The influence of the accident on the victim’s life
  1. Loss of enjoyment of life   

In a large number of cases, the daily activities of victims take a massive hit. They will be unable to take part in the events or activities that they used to enjoy, including hobbies, games, or even social interactions.

This will be considered when talking about compensation for an accident.

  1. Loss of consortium 

The victim can seek compensation for loss of consortium in situations where the accident has impacted their relationship with their spouse. This includes spending quality time with the family and the inability to be physically intimate with the spouse.

Seek Guidance from Trusted Experts

Seeking legal assistance is crucial for a successful compensation claim. Personal injury lawyers have vast experience dealing with local laws. Their experience makes it easy for them to secure fair compensation.

Additionally, lawyers will consider all damages, including those that are often ignored by the victims. You are guaranteed 100% attention from your lawyer, who will walk with you throughout the journey, ensuring all details of your claim are looked into and no stone is left unturned.


Turning a blind eye to the hidden costs and the emotional loss can put victims at risk of not receiving what is due after a life-altering injury. An experienced personal injury attorney who seeks justice on your behalf can, however, get victims fair compensation, helping them get back to their normal lives.

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