50 Cool Cricket Team Name Ideas

If you’re starting a cricket team, you need a cool name. That’s a simple fact. Striving for great success – or even just for fun – will be no good if you don’t have the name to go along with it. But how do these names come into being? Do they strike you in the middle of the night like a ball bowled at your face? Does it involve lengthy discussion sessions with your team, when you could be out on the field? 

Let the perfect team name find you, with this guide of 50 cool cricket team name ideas to provide you with some inspiration. We’ve come up with ideas for all sorts of groups. If it’s all-male or all-female teams you’re building, work or location-based, or you’re just after something unique and funny to name your haberdashery team of buddies for your cricket get-togethers, look no further.

Once you’ve settled on a name, make a logo for your cricket team and spread the word: there’s a new band in town. Set up your first formal cricket fixtures, gather a crowd, turn it into a weekend of fun, and show off your new name for the world to see.

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10 Cricket Team Names For Boys

Whether it’s a work, family, or friend-centred group, forming an all-men’s cricket team is a great way to facilitate bonding, as well as encourage some healthy competition. Pick a team name today that will last for the ages. Who knows… it may end up passed down the generations, or give rise to one of India’s future star batsmen. It all starts with a local team, so pick a name that shines, one you wouldn’t mind seeing in the local paper, or even further afield.

  • 1. Thunder Strikers
  • 2. Royal Challengers
  • 3, Lionhearts
  • 4. Phoenix Warriors
  • 5. Titans United
  • 6. Hurricanes
  • 7. Cobra Crushers
  • 8. Stallion Star
  • 9. Panther Predators
  • 10. Wolfpack Wanderers

Top 10 Names For Female Teams

Women’s cricket is gaining in popularity and momentum. In 2023, the scale of winning bids for players in the Women’s Premier League auction outstripped many other Indian leagues across other sports, including demand for male players. This signals a huge shift in quality and demand for female cricket players. Now is the perfect time to grab your friends, sisters, cousins and in-laws, and form an all-female alliance that’s capable of delivering some quality cricket – with a quality team name to match.

  • 1. Diamond Divas
  • 2. Emerald Eagles
  • 3. Ruby Rovers
  • 4. Golden Girls
  • 5. Topaz Tigers
  • 6. Amethyst Angels
  • 7. Daredevil Dynamos
  • 8. Pink Ladies
  • 9. Outlaws
  • 10. Moonstone Maidens

10 Location Inspired Cricket Team Name Ideas

Traditionally, there’s an element of local pride embedded within the cricket team names we see in the annual, adored Indian Premier League. It’s easier for supporters to get around a team when they share something in common with them, and a straightforward way of gaining followers is by proudly marking your team’s city or place of origin. Here are some alliterative ideas for a handful of regions in the country, to get you inspired for wherever you call home. 

  • 1. Mumbai Monarchs
  • 2. Delhi Dazzlers
  • 3. Kolkata Knights
  • 4. Bangalore Blazers
  • 5. Jaipur Jaguars
  • 6. Guwahati Gladiators
  • 7. Patna Panthers
  • 8. Varanasi Vikings
  • 9. Surat Stallions
  • 10. Dehradun Daredevils

Unique & Funny Cricket Team Names

Let’s be honest, though we may wish the opposite, some of us simply weren’t born to be playing in the big stadiums with the crowds cheering our name from the grandstands. That’s ok. Cricket in the local park between friends and neighbours is still a fun way to let off some steam and bring everyone together. If you’re really just in it for the laughs, play around with your team name, and come up with something fun that might end up more memorable than the game itself.

  • 1. Ball Bouncers Anonymous
  • 2. Stumped Stunners
  • 3. Bowl Movements
  • 4. Hit and Runners
  • 5. No Hit Sherlock
  • 6. Artful Dodgers
  • 7. Dodgy Ducktails
  • 8. Not Out-Laws
  • 9. Wicket Wobblers
  • 10. The Slog Squad

Very Best 10 ‘Corporate’ Cricket Team Ideas

If your idea of team bonding is a company cricket team, then you’re not alone. With over 3700 registered cricket clubs in India, you wouldn’t be the first to suggest cricket as the vehicle for bringing your employees closer together. Whether it’s Friday afternoon fixtures with other local companies, or competition between branches of the same company name, a corporate cricket team is sure to be anything but corporate, and help everyone let off some steam.

  • 1. Tiebreaker Titans
  • 2. Desk Jockeys 
  • 3. Spreadsheet Smashers
  • 4. Coffee Breakers
  • 5. Keyboard Warriors
  • 6. Deadline Destroyers
  • 7. Boardroom Blazers
  • 8. Printer Pundits
  • 9. Corporate Cavaliers
  • 10. Workforce Wanderers


Professional competitive sport, a bit of family fun, or somewhere in between. Whatever the motive behind the match – cricket is a game that unites our country and brings us closer together. If you’re considering setting up a cricket team, just go for it, with these fun, unique and clever team names here to help you get the ball rolling.

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