Top 7 travel sites accepting crypto payments in 2022!

Top 7 travel sites accepting crypto payments in 2022! 1

The pair of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology gave advantages to many industries. In the list of these industries, one is travel and tourism. The travel industry has significantly developed with the help of Blockchain technology as it helps them keep a record of everything. Also, nowadays, some travel companies have started accepting payments in terms of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. It is all because they want to taste the crypto space and expand their business globally. Apart from this, cryptocurrencies help the tourism industry eliminate the drawbacks they face because of physical money. For example, with cryptocurrencies, the security is enhanced like never before, and also, the transactions are faster and less expensive. So, if you are also looking forward to traveling shortly, you must also get a taste of crypto space engaged with the travel industry. Making payments with cryptocurrencies will be beneficial, and a few companies will allow you to do it. The names of these companies are given here. If you want to start bitcoin trading check frequently asked questions about cryptocurrency.

  • Travala

This company was built on a Blockchain and deals in booking travels. It accepts payments in both traditional as well as digital mediums. You can pay for anything using a credit and debit card, and along with it, you can also use your crypto coins. You can use multiple wallets for making a transaction using crypto. Also, you will get to choose from a million airlines, hotels and other travelling services.

  • Alternative airlines

It is another very popular cryptocurrency accepting booking service. With the help of this platform, you can book air tickets very easily using your cryptocurrencies. It has been rapidly expanding in different countries and gathering many clients. You can pay on this platform using 160 different currencies, and also, you are going to get 40 international payment options.

  • Destinia

It is also one of the popular platforms for booking hotels, airlines, vehicles, trains and airport transfers with the help of bitcoin payments. Also, it allows you to pay using bitcoins, but it has the facility of being with other coins. So, apart from the traditional currency, you can use every kind of crypto coin and also, you can plan your complete holiday using this platform.

  • CheapAir

You can certainly go with this platform if you want to get the best deals on flight bookings and hotel accommodations. It allows you to pay using Measure cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoins, and the platform also offers you a credit facility. Therefore, you will get low-interest payment schemes if you want to pay after completing your holiday. Moreover, you can get a cheaper credit facility using the platform to manage your whole holiday.

  • Bitcoin.Travel

It is a travelling website that is primarily supported by the bitcoin ecosystem. It is a platform that allows you to book plane tickets using the most secure way of making payments. It may mostly work as a travel agency, but it is connected to different flights and hotel booking companies. You can check reviews of different companies and get cost comparison facilities on this platform which makes it even more incredible to use by every country’s traveller.

  • TravelbyBit

This cryptocurrency travel booking platform has become popular across different countries worldwide because it is very straightforward and very engaging. Mostly, it accepts payments in terms of points, and the traditional currencies are also coming after bitcoin only. Therefore, it has been a significant supporter of the bitcoin ecosystem, and apart from bitcoin, you can also pay using ETH, BNB, LITECOIN and many more. As a result, it has got plenty of good reviews on this platform, making it one of the most popular ones.

  • ETravelSmart

In the world of technology, booking tickets everywhere is essential. Even if you are travelling to the best, you have to get a booking done, where this platform comes into the picture. It is an India based online bus ticketing website, and it provides you with Unicorn services to accept bitcoins. This platform merged with Unicorn to provide options related to innovative payments for the users. To get the benefits of this platform, you can use your mobile phones and get many discounts. It is one of the most popular platforms because it gives the users a lot of great benefits apart from providing discounts and bonuses for future travel. The discounts are better than other platforms, making it a superior platform for booking bus tickets.

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