Top Tech Blogs to Follow in 2021

Top Tech Blogs to Follow in 2021

Technology has touched the lives of all in different ways. With new trends of technology evolving now and then, it has become imperative to learn about the latest technologies. 

Technology is progressing at a rapid rate, causing information to become obsolete soon. To stay connected to the modern digital world, people need to learn about the newest tech trends, web, social media, and the digital industry. 

Remain connected to the Present Via these Top 8 Technology Blogs

Befriending tech blogs is the easiest way of staying updated with the latest technology news. These tech blogs cover the latest tech trends, as well as help readers, learn about high-tech discoveries. 

Most tech enthusiasts stay connected to the present tech world through these blogs. We have summed up a list of the eight best tech blogs that will bring the latest tech discoveries and news to you. 

Whether you need information about the latest updates in the tech world or the best-selling high-tech products, these blogs have got you covered. 

1) TechCrunch

Domain Authority – 94

From tech-related businesses to analysis of emerging trends in technology, listings of latest tech products, and tech news, TechCrunch is a reservoir of business-related information. Founded by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare in 2005, it is one of the most thriving tech blogs of this year and publishes regular tech content. 

TechCrunch is also one of the first few platforms to provide a broad report on tech startups and their funding rounds. 

You will find all information about new tech business-related apps and gizmos.

2) Wired

Domain Authority – 94

Founded by Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe in 1993, Wired provides real insights into the modern-day tech world. It publishes comprehensive and informative content on science, technology, social media, entertainment, and the like. 

Covering the latest news on the technology industry and modern life, Wired is the ideal tech blog to follow. It provides tech professionals and enthusiasts with the latest tech updates, gadgets reviews, and technology trends. 

3) Guru Verdict 

This platform is the ultimate guide for tech news. Guru Verdict covers the laptop market in-depth and allows readers to find the best one for gaming or work purposes. 

This tech blog platform publishes articles, blogs, guides, and information on the best sellers of laptops. You will also learn about the latest laptop releases with their pricing, features, and genuine reviews. 

4) Mashable

Domain Authority – 93

Mashable is globally renowned for its entertainment blogs. Founded by Pete Cashmoreg, Mashable is a multi-platform media blog channel. If you are looking for any tech, digital, or entertainment information, Mashable is your go-to platform. 

It provides some of the most influential tech blogs fuelling the interest of all tech and entertainment enthusiasts. It offers all information relating to the tech world like gadgets, finance, discoveries, movies, and many more. 

5) Recode

Domain Authority – 93

Founded by Kara Swisher in 2014, Recode is presently owned by the VOX media. It provides the audience with independent news on technology trends in the market. From analyzing tech trends to gathering reviews from the most informed tech journalist and bloggers, Recode is worth your time. 

It covers all the latest happenings in the technology and media world. This platform focuses on the tech updates of Silicon Valley. 


Domain Authority – 93

Founded by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie in 1994, CNET is another robust tech blog worthy of reading! It provides in-depth information on the latest consumer technology trends. 

CNET allows its audience to stay ahead of the rest by learning about all tech trends, tech products, and unbiased reviews of authority figures. You will also find here trustworthy guides, the latest news, and instructional videos on technology. 

CNET is the most helpful platform in case you are planning to buy a new gadget. It provides pricing, features, and genuine reviews on the latest gadgets. 

7) Venturebeat

Domain Authority – 92

Founded by Matt Marshall in 2006, VentureBeat provides breaking news on transformative technologies. 

VentureBeat is more than just a technology blog platform. Besides reporting on tech businesses, this blog platform also caters to the information requirements of the gamers. 

It offers blogs, articles, newsletters, and the latest news on tech trends and businesses. Audiences can source many articles on technology, AI, gaming, AR, VR, and others here. 

8) The Verge

Domain Authority – 92

Founded by Joshua Topolsky, Jim Bankoff, and Marty Moe, The Verge offers highly engaging blogs on technology. Vox Media now operates this platform and provides tech product reviews, news, guidebooks, and podcasts. 

The Verge covers all tech products even before they are completed or released. It offers a personalized perspective and substantial coverage on every tech trend to get you to stay updated at all times. 

Summing Up

Technology is rapidly changing every now, which makes it challenging to stay updated. Following an authoritative and well-informed tech blog will keep you updated without any extra efforts. These eight tech blogs provide deep insight into the modern-day tech world. You can easily update your tech knowledge via these blogs. 

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