What Makes Social Media Toxic?

Social Media as a medium of communication and source of information was once a significant positive in the world of Information Technology. Such was the influence of social media that hardly anyone could stay aloof from the social media influence. According to the CyberGhost’s blog post, over some time, social media has deviated from its real purpose and has turned into a toxic center where negatives have overpowered and outplaced the positives. Now, the question arises: what makes Social Media toxic? 

Factors That Make Social Media Toxic 

No one factor can be responsible for toxicity on Social Media. There are several factors responsible. What makes it worse is that these factors are still counting. Below are some of the factors responsible for Social Media toxicity enlisted. 


Hiding behind the fake profile and staying anonymous gives the users leverage to resort to rude and harmful behavior. People abuse and call names to other fellow social media users. It leads to negativity on social media, thereby adversely giving a wrong impression. 


Social Media was once known for hosting different viewpoints on any given topic. Everyone was entitled to air their opinion without another person hounding them. But, there has been a huge downfall. Now, you can hardly feel that freedom as trolls are waiting to pin you down by resorting to abuse and trolling. 

Comparison Culture 

Fake people have an identity to maintain, and real people don’t care. But if you are on Social media, you are forced to present a version of yourself devoid of your real identity. The so-called influencers have created a comparison culture, which leads to an inferiority complex among the users. 


Truth, information, and fact are travesties in social media. The tendency to forward the post without fact-checking it leads to misinformation and disinformation. Owing to the wide popularity and large-scale usage of social media platforms, the fake information construed as news reaches different nooks and corners, inflicting irreparable damage. In the post-truth era, social media is one of the most significant contributors to fake news, used to advance the pervasive interests of several people in different sections of society. 

Privacy Concerns

Everyone, irrespective of their standings and stature, holds privacy dear and loves to keep things private. But the social media has dented the element of privacy as well. It is a place where personal information is extracted through illicit means and then shared on social media to demonize, demean, and blackmail individuals. It negatively affects a person’s life and makes life miserable. 

Wrapping Up 

Therefore, it has come to the fore that users on social media resort to different adverse tactics, which make the space toxic. Several factors have contributed to this cause. Cyberbullying, the leverage to stay anonymous, the sickening culture of compassion, and misinformation are some of the factors that contribute to making social media toxic. 

In this article, I have highlighted some factors that make social media toxic. The list of such factors is diverse and varied, so it is difficult to sum it up in one article. 

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