4 most-used gaming devices in 2023

When the topic of gaming devices comes up, you might think of something like a PlayStation or Xbox – consoles that are specifically designed for gaming rather than other uses. However, the top gaming devices might actually come as a surprise as most people are opting for convenience rather than specific gaming setups.

The numbers are constantly evolving as certain games become more popular, causing people to rush to a particular device to play them. Just think about how the figures would have changed when a game like Flappy Bird went viral.

Let’s run through some of the most-used gaming devices in 2023.

4 most-used gaming devices in 2023


In recent years, the most-used gaming devices have been smartphones. This might surprise people at first. In an age of amazing HD graphics and a huge variety of titles for gaming on consoles, why are so many people turning to their phones?

One of the top reasons for this is convenience, as well as the availability of games. For example, a live casino collection available on any device can be played on tablets and PCs as well, but most of us have our smartphones with us all the time, making it more convenient to play poker or another casino game.

The choice of games that can be played on phones is mind-boggling, and some big gaming companies are even making it simpler to play big titles from your smartphone. Xbox Remote Play is a way to access your library of games without having your console with you, so more Xbox players are turning to their phones as a way to play when they’re out of their homes.


PCs are still one of the most popular ways to play games. 94% of homes in the US have at least one computer, and they don’t need to have incredible specifications to support modern games. 

Whether it is a simple, browser-based game or the latest MMORPG that requires lots of RAM and an amazing graphics card, PCs can be optimized for every type of gaming. 

In the competitive gaming and esports industry, PC games are still the king in most games, and if you go to a live esports event, you are likely to see computers being used for the competition. These are typically high-end PCs with excellent specifications, but you don’t need something that is at the top end of the market to play most games. 

Steam is the biggest platform for PC gaming. There are 132 million monthly active users on Steam, illustrating just how prolific computer gaming is. 


There were more than 100 million active users of PlayStation consoles per month in 2023, which makes it one of the most popular platforms.

This includes data from both the PS4 and PS5, but the newest generation of consoles have seen people flock to PlayStation over rivals like Xbox, which still has millions of monthly players. 

PlayStation has a number of exclusive game releases that can’t be played on any other platform, along with a thriving online community that helps to attract more and more players. 

Lots of games, however, are now embracing crossplay, which means that people can play against each other online, even on different devices. For example, an Xbox player can compete against a PS player on games like Fortnite, but the PS5 still has more top exclusive releases keeping their players tied in. 

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s longevity in the industry is impressive, and with the Nintendo Switch, they created a device that can be played in a portable manner or hooked up to a television screen for a more immersive experience. Players can play alone or against others, either in person or online. 

A number of the games that can be bought for Nintendo devices, such as Zelda and Super Mario titles, are not widely available elsewhere. This means that Nintendo Switch players tend to be very loyal to their favorite games.


Although the gaming devices that are most popular can vary greatly as time goes on, it’s fair to say that consumers have an incredible level of choice in the modern age. Whether someone plays word games such as Wordle, MMORPGs, gambling games or any of the wide selection of games on the market today, there are more people turning to gaming devices on a regular basis. 

Smartphones and PCs are by far the most popular way of playing, but there are plenty of other methods of connecting to your favorite games, too. 

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