Holiday Email Marketing In 2020: How to Maximize Your Engagement

Holiday Email Marketing In 2020: How to Maximize Your Engagement 1

Holiday seasons are a mixture of relaxation and hustling for email marketing, Mainly because consumers are off work and school while scrambling to buy gifts. With so many online stores to choose from, you, as an email marketer, are also fighting for inbox attention.

Competition is even more fierce due to the pandemic situation, with 73% of holiday shoppers expecting online shopping. To make your email marketing successful this holiday season, you need to focus on maximizing your customers’ engagement with your emails. Here are the tips.

1. Offer enticing incentives

Grow your mailing list and increase your engagement rates by offering your customers some rewards for every interaction they make with your emails. An example would be giving a discount link to your existing customers via email.

Ask your existing customers to share the link with 20 other people and let them join your mailing list so that they can receive a free gift or a purchasing discount. You can also offer time-limited coupons or bundled deals to create a sense of emergency and encourage your customers to make a purchase.

Be sure to mention the incentives you offer from the subject line to entice your recipients into opening your emails. But remember to avoid using too many exclamation points, sales words, and subject lines that are misleading to the email’s content.

For the invitational discount, write the subject line with: “Invite friends for Christmas rewards.” – It’s simple, gives an idea of the email’s content, and gives off a happy holidays email vibe.

2. Craft your message based on user profiles

Analyze your users’ behavior, what makes them buy your products, open your emails, their pain points, and their personal interests. You can find these good and bad email qualities in the campaigns with high and low engagement rates and feedback and customers’ social media likes.

A lot of email marketers segment their customers into lists with nicknames based on their data points. Some customers make a lot of clicks if emails are shortly-written with more photos. Marketers mostly place these customers into the “Visual and Direct” segment. Other customers open links if the emails are long and explain a lot about the things inside the email. In this case, marketers put these customers in the “Meticulous” segment. 

Write your email campaigns based on the preference of customer demographics with the corresponding segment label. The products you’re promoting might be the same, but your approach should be different. Remember, each method is more effective on one demographic than the other and vice versa.

3. Create a great impression with an awesome welcome email

A lot of customers expect a welcoming email once they have joined your mailing list. This results in welcome emails receiving four times more engagement rates than those of traditional marketing emails.

Welcome emails make customers feel special. Think of these emails as gifts to a housewarming party, and the customer is the one who just moved into the neighborhood. The best thing about them? They let your customers open up to your future marketing emails because welcoming emails legitimizes your online business, building customer trust and loyalty.

Write an excellent welcome email and set your email marketing tool a trigger that sends the email once a subscriber has joined your mailing list. Set your welcome email to scan customer data so that your welcome email will use your new customer’s name in the message.

4. Take inspiration from successful brands

Join the mailing lists of big brands like Adidas, Apple, Walmart, etc., and opt to regularly receive newsletter and marketing emails. Analyze what elements of their marketing emails entice you to open their message and scrape their websites to know their marketing strategies.

Understand the pattern on which days and time they send email marketing campaigns and why they follow such a pattern. Know how they craft attention-grabbing subject lines, structure their email body, which words they use in their email bodies, and how they personalize their campaigns based on user data.

5. Send emails on Thursdays

Thursdays are low email volume days, which can likely increase your email engagement rates because you aren’t fighting for customer attention among other email marketers. This data is based on the 2018 and 2019 holiday seasons and still is accurate even for this year.

6. Use VPNs

Use a VPN to create a fake IP address and mask your actual location. This causes brands to show their interest in you knowing that you’re from the U.S., which increases your chances for mail delivery from them. You can also use a VPN like Privacyonline to access blocked sites, geo-restricted sites, and apps.

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Wrapping Up

People are busy looking for gifts to buy for their loved ones. They are jumping from store to store looking for the best gift-buying deals. Other email marketers are also taking advantage of this high-buying demand making it hard for you to compete in users’ inboxes.

So offer the best incentives you can think of, send email campaigns that match your customer’s preferences, welcome new customers with enthusiasm, use the email marketing tactics that big brands employ, and send your campaigns when nobody else is sending. Do your best to make your email campaigns stand out!

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