Top WhatsApp Secrets

Top WhatsApp Secrets

People have applications and websites they use daily. For some of them, these can be reading apps, for others, these are live casino sites. Yet, they all use messengers, such as WhatsApp, but only a few users know their secrets. These tips will make your experience with this app better.

Save Messages in Bookmarks

Sometimes your interlocutor can send you a message with important information, such as address or phone number. To access it quickly, add it to your bookmarks. Tap on the Star icon to add a message to your bookmarks, and all marked messages can be viewed in the Starred Messages section in the settings.

Disable Automatic Upload of Media Files

Hundreds of pictures and videos that your friends send every day are stored in the memory of your smartphone. By disabling automatic file uploads, you can optimize your storage and save only what you really need. Go to the settings and in the Chats section disable Save Incoming Media.

Send Documents

With WhatsApp, you can send documents from a cloud service, such as Google Drive. This feature can be found in the menu of adding files. If you have other cloud services connected, they will also be available on the menu.

Make a Mass Mailing list

If you want to ask a few people something and do not want them to know to whom else you have sent the same message, the mailing function will help. To create a new list in iOS, go to Chats, click Broadcast Lists, press New List  and Add Contacts in the upper left corner. On Android smartphones, click Menu in the Chats section, then tap New Broadcast.

Create an Event

If another user sends you a date or time, you can instantly create an event in your calendar with a reminder. To do this, tap on this message and press the Create event button.

Hide Message Previews in Notifications

If the screen of your device is often visible and you want nobody to see what your interlocutors are writing to you, turn off message preview in notifications. Go to settings, then turn off Show Preview in the Notifications menu.

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