How Smartphones Can Make Smart and Organised Students

How Smartphones Can Make Smart and Organised Students 1

Modern students should be able to spend their time usefully and use new technologies competently. If you are already studying at the University or just preparing to become a student, it’s time to download useful applications that will significantly simplify your life.

Taking notes on lectures, preparing for classes and exams, learning languages, student time management, following basic safety rules and a healthy lifestyle, access to special student discounts and offers – these are just some of the tasks that special student mobile apps will help you cope with! Learn more at cheappaperwriting.

Self-organization and discipline

You must have heard that it is easier to wake up in a quick sleep phase. The Sleep Cycle application will help you calculate sleep cycles and Wake-up times. And on the app’s website, you can find many useful articles about healthy sleep. If you are looking for an alarm clock, which will be cunning you, set the Alarmy: the melody stops ringing only when you solve the puzzle or send to the application photo report that you are no longer in bed.

What’s next in your plan? For this, you can look at the planner application. A simple and convenient option is To Do List. Moreover, the application will send reminders of the most important tasks. MyHomework Student Planner will help you plan your specific learning process (schedule, homework, important events).

You have started studying, but you can’t cope with external irritants in the form of social networks and games. Screen Time will analyze how much time you devote to the phone. And RescueTime will block apps and sites that steal your time.

The learning process

Let’s consider the list of the most necessary applications for study:

  • SoundNote – for recording lectures;
  • Scanbot – your manual scanner. The application not only makes a quality scan of a document but also converts it into PDF;
  • the Cram application will replace tons of paper cheat sheets and help you remember information in the game format (tests, quizzes, etc.). If Cram does not like, you can try StudyBlue – a worthy alternative;
  • Exam Countdown will add a little drama to your life: the application helps you schedule the exams and keeps track of the days, hours, and seconds to each test.

Broaden your horizons

These applications will be useful for everyone, regardless of their occupation.

Let’s start with the most popular hobby – learning foreign languages. Here is the top of popular applications:

  • Busuu – you can learn 12 languages from scratch;
  • Quizlet is ideal for learning new words in the form of a game. You can create your own wordlists or use ready-made thematic modules;
  • WordBit when you unlock your phone will show a new word in the language you are learning. It is possible to use a smartphone only after confirmation that the word became familiar to you.

More applications for learning new words, phrases, and rules: Memrise and Anki App. iTalki will find a native speaker or professional teacher to communicate online. You can communicate for free in chat rooms or engage with a tutor for a certain amount.

If your goal is to learn something new about the world, we recommend applications with online courses and lectures:

  • Khan Academy – library of free lectures on chemistry, biology, physics, history, and other sciences;
  • with Coursera you can get a new specialty, wherever you are (for free or for a symbolic fee if you want a certificate of completion of the course);
  • DailyArt will open the door to the world of art history, as well as will send daily informative notes. A similar Daily Curiosity app will provide you with 5 interesting facts every day;
  • Google Primer – daily five minutes about business and marketing.

You can also use the apps to acquire new skills or upgrade existing ones. The gamified Habitica and HabitSeed apps will help you fix a new habit. By the way, the latest app will be a great help in the fight against bad habits.

Stay healthy

Modern mobile apps even make it easier to lead a healthy lifestyle. For example, the Recipe Book app will find recipes based on the availability of food in the refrigerator. And My CookBook will describe in detail the preparation of any dish.

If you follow a diet, you will be helped by the FatSecret calorie counter or the Lifecam app, which also advises products and menus for proper nutrition. Another app will remind you to drink water during the day. The Medisafe tablet tracker will help you remember to take your vitamins on time.

Now let’s talk about physical condition.

For beginners and continuing runners, the Nike Running, Get Running, or Start running app is useful for those who want to start running.

Are you interested in yoga? Install the Daily Yoga app, where you can select the program you are interested in and follow it. And with 3 D Yoga Anatomy you can approach yoga classes from the scientific side – the app tells you which muscles are involved in different asanas and the impact of exercises on the body.

The Calm app will help you improve your sleep and learn the basics of meditation. Meditation increases the ability to concentrate, focus, and stress tolerance. Apps that teach you how to meditate are Headspace: Meditation & Sleep and Stop, Breathe & Think.

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