How Do You Save Videos From YouTube?

Nowadays, we are really spoilt for choice. There is a wealth of high-quality videos available online on a variety of popular online video-sharing platforms. YouTube is the biggest with hours of videos being uploaded to the platform every hour. While it allows users to upload, watch, share, rate and comment on videos, the platform itself does not allow you to save the video from YouTube.

How Do You Save Videos From YouTube?

Many users have complained about this. Just imagine how much better it would be if the platform offered you the ability to save your top YouTube videos to your Android or Apple device as well. Luckily, there are a few tools currently available that you can use to save videos to your devices so that you enjoy it over and over again (even when you are not connected to the Internet). It gets even better… Some of these tools, such as MP3Studio, are even available completely free of charge! To find out how this YouTube video downloader tool works, continue reading.

What are the main perks of MP3Studio?

MP3Studio is an app that lets you save videos from YouTube straight to your mobile devices without having to pay a cent. It works like magic. Here are a couple of the main perks that this YouTube downloader tool offers:

  • You can save as many as 99 videos simultaneously. While the magic happens in the background, you are free to continue surfing the web.
  • Even if you are not very familiar with how apps work, you will be able to use MP3Studio on your own (no extra skills are needed).
  • No additional plug-ins or software has to be downloaded and installed. You can start using MP3Studio right away. 
  • Its interface is really simple to understand and use.
  • No time-consuming registration forms have to be completed at any stage of the process.
  • The speed at which it works will blow you away. 
  • You can also listen to the music online before you save the song to your mobile device or PC.
  • No hidden or cancellation fees – you can use it for free.
  • You can use it to watch videos while you are offline and save your precious data for something other than streaming videos.

How can I use MP3Studio to save videos?

Not only is MP3Studio free of charge, but it also takes only a few steps to save that viral video on YouTube. It really is a win-win! Here are the step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is:

  1. Search YouTube for a video that you would like to save to your mobile device
  2. When you have found a video, copy the link of the video
  3. Now, paste the link of the video into MP3Studio’s input field 
  4. Pick the file format that you want to save the video to 
  5. Click on “Convert”
  6. All that you still have to do is to wait a couple of seconds for the process to be completed

May I save YouTube videos legally?

Saving videos from YouTube is at the moment a grey area. YouTube does not give people permission to save videos. Though, if you will be watching the videos that you have saved only for your own personal use, you will not be violating copyright rules. 

The main reason why YouTube does not want users to save videos is because all their videos create money from the adverts at the beginning of their videos. They fear that if people just save the videos these adverts will not reach as many people.

So, if you will only be using YouTube videos for personal use it is not illegal to save them. After all, there is no law that forces us to watch advertisements! Just imagine if that was the case!

But this means that you may not share your saved videos on other websites. It will be classified as copyright infringement, if you do this. 

Use VPN to save videos that are unavailable in your country

It is important to ensure that you are using a VPN in order to save videos. Many countries have their own versions of YouTube which means that they may not be broadcasting the video that you want to watch (especially when it comes to music videos). For example, if you live in India and wish to watch an American music video you cannot do this on the Indian version of YouTube. If you try to save it, you will get an error message. However, if you are connected to a VPN server in America you will be able to download the video.

Privacyinthenetwork and Vpnveteran can help you with this task. They both offer a list of the best VPN services that will let you download videos from YouTube and other websites. All their recommendations come highly recommended!

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