It is no secret that iPads are among the most expensive electronic devices. Thereby, one must be super careful when handling such a device. However, not all accidents are avoidable and, sometimes, may result in damage to the device.

Since iPad and iPad Mini screens, much like other smartphone and tablet screens, are susceptible to cracks and other damages, screen replacements are the most common repair issue that users face. 

Looking for a reliable iPad mini screen replacement service can be tricky, as many such services are available now. However, researching all possible options before deciding on a service center may be a good idea.

The reasons for a broken iPad screen can be many and diverse. For instance, the glass may crack if the device is dropped. In addition, the LCD may be affected due to water or moisture exposure, temperature fluctuation, or excess pressure.

Whatever the case, you should always take your iPad to a professional service provider of They have the expertise to handle even the most severely damaged iPads. 

Is it possible to fix it yourself?

There may be plenty of DIY kits out there to fix a broken iPad screen, but there is no guarantee they will work. That’s because mending a broken electronic device may not be possible for everyone to do. It may look simple and straightforward in a DIY video, but the reality is far from it. 

The repair work may involve complicated processes that most people cannot do as they have little to no knowledge of electronic devices. 

Also, iPads have several small, crucial parts that may be misplaced during the repair process. So, even if you have some experience fixing broken devices, it is advisable to avoid doing it yourself. The effort, however diligent, might end up making a bad situation worse. 

What are the other options?

  • Professional repair services

The Apple store warranty does not cover accidental damages to the screen. But if you have invested in AppleCare+ while buying the product, it will cover two accidental damage incidents. 

However, there will be a nominal service fee. Therefore, an iPad mini screen replacement by Apple outside of a warranty might be a highly costly affair.

The other option includes third-party repair shops. Many such reliable stores can change your iPad’s broken or cracked screen for you. They are legitimate options and use the most authentic parts for your products. As an additional precaution, you can ask them about warranties they offer on their service and products.

  • Downgrade

Another option is to consider downgrading on your current iPad version. This works on the principle that the larger the screen size, the costlier the repair work. 

So, buying a smaller iPad version may be cheaper than getting a larger model fixed. For instance, a new iPad Mini 2 may cost less than repairing an iPad Air 2.

  • Exchange or sell it

Just because there are a couple of cracks on the screen, it doesn’t mean your iPad is worthless. In fact, it will still be worth quite a lot if only the upper glass has been affected. 

Many service providers will exchange or buy your damaged iPad. So, you have the option to take cash for it or look for another model within the same price range. You can get them to value it and decide which is the better option.

Is it safe to use an iPad with a broken screen?

Many people continue to use their iPads with cracks on the screen because the iPad mini screen replacement will cost too much. While this may not be essentially harmful, it might be uncomfortable. 

Browsing and reading through a broken screen will cause strain on the eyes. This may affect vision in the long run. In addition, using a device with a cracked screen can take away from the premium experience your iPad or iPad Mini promises you. 

Also, if the LCD is damaged, it will not be possible to use the device without repair. That’s because LCD screens control the touch panel on the device. It won’t be possible to operate the iPad with this broken functionality.

How to protect an iPad screen

Users enjoy numerous iPad benefits regularly. It has versatile features that help people from all walks of life. For instance, art students love using creative tools on the iPad, while offices prefer its presentation tools. 

But whether for personal use or professional work, getting an iPad is by no means a small investment. Therefore, it is better to prevent a broken screen than to have to fix it later. 

Here are two ways you can protect your current iPad screen:

  1. Screen protector

Tempered glass can cover the most sensitive parts of the screen. As a result, it can prevent scratches and even severe damages during accidental falls. 

  1. Protective case

Resembling a leather notebook, an iPad mini case can protect the device and transport it safely. Since it can also be opened like a book, it adds an extra layer of protection to the screen. 

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