How to Fix Minecraft “Exit Code 1” in 2024? [10 Solutions]

If you’re anything like me, a few things are more frustrating than being unable to enjoy your favorite game due to a confusing error message. Over time, I’ve encountered my fair share of them, but one that stands out, in particular, is the infamous ‘fix Minecraft Exit Code -1’. This particular error can turn an otherwise relaxing and enjoyable gaming session into a maddening ordeal, leaving you frantically searching for a solution.

That’s precisely why I decided to take matters into my own hands and put together this step-by-step guide on how to resolve this pesky issue once and for all. No need to suffer any longer, fellow gamers! Join me as we explore the causes of the problem and find out how easy it can be to fix Minecraft Error Code 1 using various methods.

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What Does Minecraft Exit Code 1 Mean?

What Does Minecraft Exit Code 1 Mean?

Let’s start by understanding what Minecraft Exit Code -1 actually means. This error code is typically encountered when the game launcher fails to communicate with the game server, preventing you from logging in and accessing your beloved creations. While numerous factors can lead to this issue, some of the more common ones include outdated software, network problems, corrupted game files, or even antivirus or firewall settings interfering with the game’s communication.

Understanding what causes this error is essential because it helps guide our troubleshooting attempts and allows us to pinpoint a solution more efficiently. A crucial aspect of fixing Exit Code 1 in Minecraft is identifying which one of these potential causes is responsible for hindering your gameplay and addressing it accordingly. So, let’s dive right in and explore some tried-and-true solutions that will have you back to constructing masterpieces in no time!

How To Fix Minecraft Exit Code -1 in 2024?

How To Fix Minecraft Exit Code -1 in 2024?

1. Update Minecraft And Java To Their Latest Versions

Update Minecraft And Java To Their Latest Versions - Fix Minecraft Exit Code -1 in 2024

One of the primary reasons for encountering exit code 1 can be outdated software versions. To resolve the issue, ensure that both your Minecraft game and Java installations are up-to-date. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to update them:


  1. Open the Minecraft Launcher.
  2. Click on “Settings” or “Options” (depending on your launcher version).
  3. Look for an option to update the game (e.g., “Force Update”).
  4. Follow the prompts and allow the launcher to download and install any necessary updates.


  1. Visit the official Java website by clicking here.
  2. Click on the “Download Java” button.
  3. Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the instructions to update Java.
  4. Restart your computer after updating Java.

Remember that keeping your software up-to-date doesn’t just fix issues; it also greatly improves game performance and security, enhancing your overall Minecraft experience.

2. Reset The Minecraft Game Launcher

Reset The Minecraft Game Launcher - Fix Minecraft Exit Code -1 in 2024

Another method for resolving Minecraft error involves resetting the game launcher itself. The launcher may have become corrupted, leading to communication failures between the game server and your device. Therefore, by resetting it, you could reestablish this connection and resolve the error. Here’s how to proceed:

For Windows users

  1. Press Win + R to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type %AppData%\.minecraft in the text field and hit Enter. This will open your Minecraft directory.
  3. Locate the "launcher_profiles.json" file in this folder.
  4. Rename the file to "launcher_profiles_backup.json". This will create a backup in case you need to restore it later.
  5. Now, open the Minecraft launcher.

For macOS users

  1. Click on ‘Finder’ and then press ‘Command + Shift + G’ together.
  2. Type in '~/Library/Application Support/minecraft' and hit Enter.
  3. Look for "launcher_profiles.json" and rename it to "launcher_profiles_backup.json".
  4. Launch Minecraft.

By following these steps, you have effectively reset your Minecraft launcher settings, compelling it to generate a new settings file ("launcher_profiles.json").

Please note that performing this reset procedure might cause some of your saved game preferences (e.g., skins or custom key binds) to be lost, necessitating you to set them up again within the Options menu of both your Launcher and Game Client.

Do not forget that preserve a backup of your original "launcher_profiles_backup.json" is essential so that you can restore it later if needed by simply renaming it back to its original filename – reversing any unwarranted changes or information loss that may have occurred during this reset process.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Check Your Internet Connection - Fix Minecraft Exit Code -1 in 2024

A poor or unstable internet connection can often be the root cause of the Exit Code 1 Minecraft issue as it hinders efficient communication between the game launcher and server. A quick and easy way to determine whether your internet connection is creating problems is by attempting to access other websites or streaming platforms like YouTube. If you notice similar connectivity issues, look into these steps below that will help you troubleshoot your connection:

  1. Restart your modem/router: Unplug the power cable, wait for 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Give it a couple of minutes for the network devices to regain their full functionality before trying to reconnect.
  2. Check Ethernet cables: If you’re connected via an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi, ensure that all cables are correctly plugged in and undamaged.
  3. Perform a speed test: Utilize an online speed testing tool like Speedtest by Ookla, which can provide specific information about your network’s download/upload speeds and latency. If results show insufficient speeds, consider contacting your Internet Service Provider for further assistance.
  4. Move closer to router/access point: If using a WiFi connection, minimize interference by moving closer to the device, and removing large objects or walls from between them.
  5. Forget and re-add network: Navigate to your computer’s or device’s network settings, forget/remove the WiFi network you’re connected to, and reconnect by entering necessary details like SSID/password again.
  6. Reset network adapter settings: Perform a Network Adapter Reset through Command Prompt (Windows). Type netsh winsock reset followed by netsh int ip reset, then reboot your computer.
  7. Reach out to your ISP: Talk with your Internet Service Provider’s customer support team and inform them of any issues you’re experiencing with connection speeds or stability – this might reveal potential technical problems on their end.

4. Disable or Properly Configure Antivirus and Firewall Settings

Disable or Properly Configure Antivirus and Firewall Settings - Fix Minecraft Exit Code -1 in 2024

Sometimes, antivirus programs or firewalls mistakenly identify Minecraft as a potential threat. Consequently, they may block the game’s access to the internet and cause error. To counter this issue, you can try disabling or properly configuring your antivirus and firewall settings as follows:

1. Temporarily disable antivirus

  1. Look for the antivirus icon in the system tray (usually at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen).
  2. Right-click on the icon and choose to disable protection for a short period (e.g., 15 minutes).
  3. Attempt to launch Minecraft during this period.

Note: Disabling your antivirus leaves your computer vulnerable to threats; make sure you re-enable protection after troubleshooting.

2. Add Minecraft to the exception list (antivirus)

  1. Open your antivirus software.
  2. Locate the settings or preferences menu.
  3. Find an option that mentions “Exclusions” or “Exceptions”.
  4. Add Minecraft to this list.

3. Configure Firewall settings

  1. Press Windows key + R and type firewall.cpl in the Run dialogue box.
  2. Click ‘OK’ to open Windows Firewall settings.
  3. Click on ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall’ (or similar wording based on your version of Windows).
  4. Locate ‘Minecraft Launcher.exe‘ in the list of apps, then tick both the ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ checkboxes next to it.
  5. If you don’t see Minecraft in the list, click ‘Add another app…‘, browse for ‘Minecraft Launcher.exe’, then add it manually with the ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ checkboxes ticked.

Once you have correctly configured your antivirus and firewall settings, relaunch Minecraft and see if Exit Code 1 persists.

Keep in mind that these steps may slightly vary depending on the specific antivirus program or Windows version you use. Always refer to the official documentation of your software for more precise instructions.

5. Use a Wired Connection Instead of WiFi

Use a Wired Connection Instead of WiFi - Fix Minecraft Exit Code -1 in 2024

Another potential solution is switching from a WiFi connection to a wired one, using an Ethernet cable. This change can make a significant difference in terms of stability, speed, and reliability of your internet connection, potentially resolving the error. Here’s why making this switch can prove beneficial and how to do it:

WiFi connections may experience interference from other devices or obstacles, which can lead to dropped signals or reduced speeds. In contrast, wired connections offer more consistent and reliable performance, improving your Minecraft gaming experience.

Moreover, when you’re connected via WiFi, you might be unintentionally competing with other devices for bandwidth within your household. Switching to a wired connection will provide dedicated bandwidth for your gaming device, ensuring smooth communication with the game server.

To connect your device using an Ethernet cable:

  1. Obtain an Ethernet cable that’s long enough to connect your computer directly to your router or modem.
  2. Locate the Ethernet ports on both the computer and router/modem.
  3. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your computer’s Ethernet port and the other end to an available LAN (or numbered) port on your router/modem.
  4. Once connected, wait for a few moments as your device recognizes the new connection.
  5. Disconnect from any active WiFi networks in order not to use them by mistake while playing Minecraft.

After switching to a wired connection and ensuring stable internet connectivity, try restarting Minecraft and logging in again to see if exit code -1 persists. In many instances, this simple change can eliminate the error altogether and provide an overall improved gameplay experience.

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6. Reinstall Minecraft Game Launcher

Reinstall Minecraft Game Launcher - Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1 in 2024

At times, a simple yet effective solution might be to reinstall the Minecraft game launcher itself. This method ensures that any corrupted or damaged files within the launcher are replaced with fresh ones, ultimately resolving errors. Follow these steps to reinstall the Minecraft game launcher:

  1. Uninstall the existing Minecraft Launcher: Open your computer’s ‘Control Panel’, navigate to ‘Programs and Features’ (or ‘Add or Remove Programs’), then locate and select ‘Minecraft Launcher’. Click on ‘Uninstall/Change’ and follow the on-screen instructions to remove it.
  2. Delete leftover files: Use File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) to go to the folder where your Minecraft Launcher was installed. Delete any remaining files associated with the launcher. For most users, this can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft.
  3. Download a fresh copy of the launcher: Visit the official Minecraft website at, click on Get Minecraft, and follow the prompts to download a new version of the game launcher.
  4. Install and launch: Double-click on the downloaded file and proceed through the installation process using default settings or customize them as you prefer—once complete, open your freshly reinstalled Minecraft Game Launcher.

Remember to log in with your Minecraft account credentials once again before trying to access your world.

7. Clear The Launcher Cache and Profiles

Clear The Launcher Cache and Profiles - Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1 in 2024

Cleared launcher cache and profiles can resolve many issues related to the Minecraft Game Launcher. The cache holds temporary data that can sometimes become outdated or corrupt, leading to various issues.

Here’s how you can clear the launcher cache and profiles:

  1. Close Minecraft Game Launcher: Ensure your game launcher is closed before proceeding.
  2. Navigate to launcher_profiles.json: Access the ‘.minecraft’ directory found in %APPDATA%\.minecraft (Windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft (Mac). Locate the ‘launcher_profiles.json’ file and make a backup by copying it to a safe location.
  3. Delete the launcher_profiles.json file: Select the ‘launcher_profiles.json’ file in your ‘.minecraft’ directory and delete it. Doing so will remove any cached data associated with your game profiles.
  4. Restart Minecraft Launcher: Open Minecraft Game Launcher, and it will automatically generate a new ‘launcher_profiles.json’ file.

8. Modify The DNS Settings

Modify The DNS Settings - Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1 in 2024

Occasionally, Minecraft error code 1 may arise from using your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) default Domain Name System (DNS) server. Changing your DNS settings to public servers like Google DNS or OpenDNS can be an effective way to resolve this error. Here’s how you can modify your DNS settings:

  1. Open Network & Internet Settings: On Windows, right-click on the network icon in the system tray, then select ‘Open Network & Internet Settings.’ On macOS, go to ‘System Preferences’ and click on ‘Network.’
  2. Change Adapter Settings: For Windows, click on ‘Change Adapter Options,’ then right-click on the active network adapter and select ‘Properties.’ For macOS, choose an active connection listed on the left side panel and click on ‘Advanced.’
  3. Modify DNS settings: Within the connection’s properties (Windows) or advanced settings (macOS), locate and double-click on ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).’
  4. Next, select ‘Use the following DNS server addresses,’ then input Google’s Public DNS addresses as follows:
    • Primary DNS:
    • Secondary DNS:
  5. Alternatively, you can use OpenDNS addresses:
    • Primary:
    • Secondary: 208.67.220-220
  6. Confirm these changes by clicking “OK” or “Apply”.

9. Verify The Integrity of Your Game Files

Verify The Integrity of Your Game Files - Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1 in 2024

Compromised or corrupt game files can cause errors in Minecraft and hinder your gameplay experience. In order to fix this, it’s essential to verify the integrity of these files and restore any missing or damaged ones. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Locate the Minecraft folder: Open File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and navigate to your primary %appdata% folder (type ‘%appdata%’ in the address bar for Windows). Inside, you will find the ‘.minecraft’ folder.
  2. Backup your game data: Before proceeding with integrity verification, create a backup of your game data by copying the ‘saves’ folder within ‘.minecraft’ to a safe location on your computer.
  3. Run a file scan: Using a reliable file scanner such as Microsoft Defender Antivirus found on most Windows computers, perform a full system scan to detect any corrupted game files and replace them.
  4. Test your game: After completing the file cleanup, restart Minecraft and see if Exit Code -1 has been resolved. If not, proceed with other suggested solutions outlined in this article.

Following these steps will help ensure that any potentially compromised game files will be detected and repaired or replaced so that you can get back to enjoying Minecraft without issues.

10. Temporarily Disable VPN or Proxy Connections

Temporarily Disable VPN or Proxy Connections - Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1 in 2024

As useful as VPNs and Proxy connections can be for maintaining privacy and security while surfing the web, they may also inadvertently interfere with certain applications and games, such as Minecraft. Because these tools route your internet traffic through one or more external servers, they can sometimes cause unusual errors or discrepancies in communication between your game launcher and the Minecraft server. If you encounter error code -1 Minecraft on a regular basis and use a VPN or Proxy connection to access the internet, it’s essential to consider disabling them temporarily to check if they are the root cause of your issues.

To temporarily disable a VPN connection:

  1. Locate your VPN software on your taskbar (usually found near the clock); right-click on its icon.
  2. Look for an option called ‘Disconnect’, ‘Exit’, or something similar depending on your VPN provider, then click it.
  3. Relaunch Minecraft to see if Error Code -1 persists without the VPN running.

To disable a Proxy connection:

For Windows

  1. Open ‘Settings’ > Network & Internet > Proxy.
  2. In the ‘Manual proxy setup’ section, disable the setting called ‘Use a proxy server’.
  3. Restart your computer and relaunch Minecraft.

For macOS

  1. Open ‘System Preferences’ > Network > Advanced.
  2. Select the ‘Proxies’ tab; ensure all checkboxes are unchecked.
  3. Click ‘OK’, then apply these settings by clicking on ‘Apply’.
  4. Restart your computer and relaunch Minecraft.

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Encountering the dreaded Minecraft Exit Code 1 is undoubtedly an unpleasant experience. However, armed with this comprehensive guide and a deeper understanding of its potential causes, you can empower yourself to tackle and resolve the issue efficiently. It is essential to remain patient while attempting each solution, recognizing that troubleshooting rarely follows a linear path.

Remember that perseverance pays off, and soon enough, you’ll find the method that works best for your specific situation. Keep experimenting until Error Code -1 Minecraft becomes a thing of the past and you can finally return to enjoying your favorite game without worrying about annoying interruptions or roadblocks. Happy gaming!

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