How to Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026 in 2024? [10 Fixes]

As an avid Nintendo fan, there is nothing more frustrating than when you’re in the heat of an intense gameplay session and suddenly, the dreaded Nintendo error code 9001-0026 appears on your screen. We’ve all been there, and it leaves us feeling lost and confused as we scramble to find a solution.

The good news is that I’ve taken it upon myself to investigate this issue so that you don’t have to! In this blog post, I will be sharing my experiences and knowledge on how to fix Nintendo error code 9001-0026 so you can get back into the game as soon as possible.

Error codes like these might seem scary at first, but knowing what they represent allows us to tackle them head-on with confidence. So let’s dive into the details about this particular error code, its causes, and most importantly – the reliable methods for getting rid of it. Let’s get started!

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What Does Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026 Mean?

What Does Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026 Mean?

When we come across error codes like Nintendo error code 9001-0026, it’s essential to understand what they signify before trying to fix them. This particular code is generally associated with a network communication issue between the console and Nintendo servers.

In simpler terms, it means that your Nintendo Switch is having trouble connecting to the internet, which prevents you from engaging in online gameplay, updating games or the console software itself, or accessing eShop features. Various factors can trigger this error code. Some of the common causes include an unstable internet connection, issues with your WiFi network or router settings, server outages on Nintendo’s end, or even software-related bugs on your console.

By knowing the potential causes behind this error code and its corresponding solutions, we increase our chances of resolving it more effectively and efficiently. In the following sections, I will be outlining several methods to combat these underlying issues and hopefully rid yourself of the dreaded Nintendo error code 9001-0026 once and for all!

How to Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026 in 2024?

How to Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026 in 2024?

1. Power Cycle Your Nintendo Switch Console

Power Cycle Your Nintendo Switch Console - Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026

Power cycling is a simple yet effective method for fixing many common issues with electronic devices, including your Nintendo Switch. It involves completely shutting down the device, allowing any temporary glitches or software hiccups to be cleared from the system. If Nintendo error code 9001-0026 is caused by a minor issue within the console itself, power cycling may resolve it for you.

To power cycle your Nintendo Switch, follow these steps:

  1. Hold down the Power button located at the top of your console for about 3 to 5 seconds.
  2. When prompted with the Power Options menu on the screen, select Power Off.
  3. Wait for approximately 30 to 60 seconds. This allows any residual energy within the system to dissipate and ensures a proper reboot.
  4. Press and hold the Power button again until you see the Nintendo logo appear on-screen. This indicates that your console has powered back on successfully.

After successfully power cycling your Nintendo Switch, try reconnecting it to your Wi-Fi network and see if that clears up the error. Remember that sometimes such simple fixes can make all the difference in getting you back into a seamless gaming experience!

2. Restart Your Wi-Fi router and Modem

Restart Your Wi-Fi router and Modem- Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026

Often, network issues can be resolved by performing a simple restart of your Wi-Fi router and modem. By doing this, you give your devices a chance to clear any minor glitches or connectivity hiccups that may be contributing to the error code 9001-0026 in Nintendo. To restart your Wi-Fi router and modem, follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn off your Nintendo Switch console by holding the power button for a few seconds and selecting Power Options, then Turn Off.
  2. Locate your Wi-Fi router and modem. These are usually small devices with blinking LED lights connected to each other.
  3. Unplug the power cords from both the router and modem. This will ensure they are completely turned off and no residual power is lingering.
  4. Wait for approximately 30 seconds to one minute. This waiting period allows any lingering power in the devices to dissipate, enabling a complete reset.
  5. Reconnect the power cords back into both the modem and router. Make sure both devices are powered on – this is usually indicated by solid or blinking LED lights on the devices.
  6. Allow some time (generally around two minutes) for the modem and router to establish an internet connection fully. You can check if an active connection has been established by attempting to access the internet on another connected device such as a smartphone or computer.
  7. Turn on your Nintendo Switch console, then test if you’re able to connect online without encountering Error Code 9001-0026.

By following these steps, you might find that a straightforward refresh of your network devices will rectify any connectivity problems preventing you from enjoying online features on your Nintendo Switch.

3. Move Closer to the Wi-Fi Source

Move Closer to the Wi-Fi source - Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026

Another simple and effective solution to eliminating the error code is to reposition your console closer to the Wi-Fi source. This error code can often be triggered by a weak Wi-Fi signal, which impairs your Nintendo Switch’s connection stability. By reducing the distance between your console and the router, you could potentially strengthen the Wi-Fi signal and ultimately resolve the error.

To move closer to the Wi-Fi source, follow these steps:

A. Identify your router’s location

First, make sure you know precisely where your Wi-Fi router is located in your home. It should be placed in an open area without physical obstructions that may weaken its signal.

B. Assess potential obstacles

Examine the surroundings of both your console and Wi-Fi router for any objects that might interfere with their connection. Objects like concrete walls, metal appliances, or large furniture can obstruct or weaken the radio waves between them.

C. Choose an optimal position for your console

Consider repositioning your Nintendo Switch so that it’s in a more direct line of sight with the router. This might entail moving to a different room or adjusting its placement on a shelf or entertainment center.

D. Test connectivity

Once you’ve moved closer to the Wi-Fi source, test the connection on your console by navigating to System Settings > Internet > Test Connection. If you receive a noticeably stronger signal strength without any errors, this might have resolved Error Code 9001-0026.

4. Check for Nintendo Server Outages

Check for Nintendo Server Outages - Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026

Occasionally, 9001-0026 error code may stem from server-side issues which are outside our control. These outages usually occur when the servers are undergoing maintenance or facing unexpected technical difficulties. In such cases, it is essential to check for any official announcements regarding server outages or maintenance periods to confirm the root cause of your error.

Here are the steps to check for Nintendo server outages:

  1. Visit Nintendo’s official website: Open your preferred internet browser and head over to the Nintendo Support website. A quick way to reach this page is by navigating through this link:
  2. Inspect current network status: On the Nintendo Support page, look for the current network status section displaying information about any ongoing issues with their services. This section should give you an overview of any potential server-side problems causing your error code.
  3. Stay informed with social media updates: Another way to stay updated on any Nintendo server outages is by following their official social media handles, such as their Twitter account and Facebook page. They tend to post updates about technical issues related to their servers or planned maintenance periods.

If you find that there is an ongoing server outage or maintenance event, it’s best to sit tight and wait until it gets resolved before attempting other solutions. Once the servers are back up and running, you should be able to access online features without encountering the error

5. Update Your Console’s Software

Update Your Console's Software - Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026

Regularly updating your Nintendo Switch to the latest software version can significantly improve its performance and resolve any known bugs or glitches. Sometimes, Nintendo error code 9001-0026 might be a result of outdated console software, which could prevent it from connecting to the internet effectively. Follow these simple steps to update your console’s firmware:

  1. Make sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network before starting the update process.
  2. From the Home Menu, navigate to the System Settings (represented by a gear icon) located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll down in the System Settings menu and select System from the list on the left.
  4. Find and click on System Update, which should be the first option on this page.
  5. The system will now automatically check for software updates. If there’s an available update, your console will prompt you to download and install it.

Note: During this process, kindly refrain from putting your console to sleep or turning it off as it might result in incomplete installation and further complications with your device.

After successfully installing the new updates, restart your Nintendo Switch console and check if the error code still persists. By maintaining up-to-date system software, you ensure that you’re benefiting from any connectivity improvements and bug fixes provided by Nintendo.

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6. Manually Set Up a DNS Address on Your Console

Manually Set Up a DNS Address on Your Console - Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026

A Domain Name System (DNS) address is responsible for translating domain names (like into IP addresses that your console uses to connect to servers. Sometimes, the default DNS provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might be slow or unreliable, causing issues like 9001-0026 Nintendo error code.

Changing the DNS settings to a more reliable option, such as Google’s public DNS, can potentially resolve this error and lead to an improved online gaming experience.

To manually set up a DNS address on your Nintendo Switch console, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your console and navigate to the home screen.
  2. From the home screen, locate and select the System Settings icon which resembles a gear.
  3. Scroll down the options on the left and choose Internet, followed by Internet Settings.
  4. The console will automatically search for Wi-Fi networks nearby. Select your preferred network from the list.
  5. Once you have selected the correct network, choose Change Settings.
  6. Scroll down until you see DNS Settings. By default, it will be set to “Automatic.” Change this setting to Manual by selecting it.
  7. Now that you have switched to manual settings, you need to enter the primary and secondary DNS addresses. For Google’s public DNS, use:
    • Primary DNS:
    • Secondary DNS:
  8. Once both primary and secondary addresses are entered appropriately, click on Save. Then press B to go back to one screen level and select Connect To This Network to test your connection.

7. Configure Your Router’s Settings, Including Port Forwarding and NAT Type

Configure Your Router's Settings, Including Port Forwarding and NAT Type - Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026

Nintendo error code 9001-0026 arises due to improper network settings on your router. By configuring your router’s settings, specifically focusing on port forwarding and the NAT (Network Address Translation) type, you could potentially resolve this error code. Let’s discuss how you can configure these settings:

A. Access your router’s configuration page

To modify your router settings, you need to access the router’s web-based configuration page. Open a web browser and enter the IP address associated with your home network. This can typically be found on a sticker or label on the side of your router.

B. Find the port forwarding settings

Once logged into your router’s configuration page, locate the “Port Forwarding” or “Port Mapping” section. This can be found under different names depending on the brand and model of your router, so consult its manual or search for online resources if you’re unsure.

C. Add new forwarding rules for Nintendo Switch

Next, add new port forwarding rules for your Nintendo Switch console. You will need to input specific details like the console’s IP address (which can also be found within the Switch’s system settings), external ports, internal ports, and protocol (UDP or TCP/UDP). Here are Nintendo’s recommended ports:

External Port RangeInternal Port RangeProtocol

Make sure to save these changes before moving forward.

D. Adjust NAT Type settings

Within your router’s configuration page, find a Network Address Translation (NAT) option that includes “NAT Filtering” or “NAT Type.” Set this to either “Open” or “Moderate,” depending on your personal security preferences. Note that strict NAT types might cause connection issues with Nintendo Switch.

E. Test your console’s connection

Once you’ve made the necessary changes, save and restart your router. And then, head back to your Nintendo Switch console, go to System Settings > Internet > Test Connection. If the connection test completes successfully, it’s likely that you’ve fixed Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026.

8. Use An Ethernet Cable Connection (LAN adapter) Instead of Wi-Fi

Use An Ethernet Cable Connection (LAN adapter) Instead of Wi-Fi - Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026

One alternative to address error code 9001-0026 in Nintendo is to switch from a Wi-Fi connection to a wired Ethernet connection. Using an Ethernet cable offers a more stable and faster connection, reducing the chances of encountering network-related issues. However, this method requires a LAN adapter for the Nintendo Switch, which you can easily purchase online or from a local retailer.

Follow these steps to connect your Nintendo Switch console to the internet using an Ethernet cable:

A. Obtain a LAN adapter

Ensure you have a compatible LAN adapter for your Nintendo Switch console. While there is an official one produced by Nintendo, you can also look for third-party adapters that are compatible with the device.

B. Connect the LAN adapter

First, power off your Nintendo Switch and remove it from its dock. Next, locate the USB port on the back of the dock and plug in your LAN adapter.

C. Connect the Ethernet cable

Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to your LAN adapter and the other end to an available Ethernet port on your router or modem.

D. Dock your Nintendo Switch

Place your console back into its dock, ensuring it is properly seated and connected. Power on your device.

E. Set up a wired connection

Once powered on, navigate to System Settings > Internet > Internet Settings on your console. It will now display “Wired Connection” as an option – select it, and then click Connect accordingly.

Your console should automatically detect and use the new wired connection provided by the Ethernet cable. Once connected successfully, try accessing online features or updating games to see if an error has been resolved.

9. Reset Network Settings on the Nintendo Switch Console

Reset Network Settings on the Nintendo Switch Console - Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026

If you’ve tried the previous solutions and are still encountering the error, it might be helpful to reset your Nintendo Switch console’s network settings. This process resolves any potential issues caused by corrupted or incorrect configurations within your console’s network connections.

Here, I’ll break down the steps for resetting the network settings on your Nintendo Switch to help you get back online as quickly as possible.

A. Power off your console

Before making any changes, be sure to shut down your Nintendo Switch completely. Do not put it into Sleep Mode – press and hold the Power button for around three seconds, then select Power Options, followed by Turn Off.

B. Access Maintenance Mode

After turning off the console completely, you will need to enter the so-called “Maintenance Mode.” Press and hold down the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously, then press and keep holding the Power button until the Nintendo logo appears on-screen. Once you see a screen prompting you to select a language, release all buttons – this means you’ve successfully entered Maintenance Mode.

C. Restore factory settings

In Maintenance Mode, choose Restore Factory Settings—be aware that this action will not delete any saved data or user accounts on your console; it solely erases network configurations.

WARNING: Do not select Initialize Console, as this option will delete all user accounts and saved data permanently.

D. Follow on-screen instructions

Once you start restoring factory settings, follow any on-screen prompts to complete this process. Afterward, your Nintendo Switch will restart automatically.

E. Set up a new network connection

Following these steps, all previous network configurations should be erased from your console. Now it’s time to set up a new network connection for convenient online gameplay. Head over to System Settings > Internet > Internet Settings and choose your Wi-Fi network from the list of available options. Enter your Wi-Fi password and complete the connection process.

10. Contact Nintendo Support for Further Assistance

Contact Nintendo Support for Further Assistance - Fix Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026

In certain cases, after having exhausted all the available solutions, you may still find yourself unable to resolve the 9001-0026 Nintendo error code. When this happens, it’s always a good idea to reach out to Nintendo’s customer support team for expert advice and further assistance on how to tackle the issue. Below are some important steps and resources that can help you contact Nintendo Support:

A. Gather your console information

Before contacting support, it is crucial to have some essential information at hand, including your console’s serial number and the firmware version currently installed on your device.

B. Visit the official Nintendo Support website

Access the Official Nintendo Support website by clicking on this link. Here, you will find all types of resources, including FAQs and troubleshooting guides that can help you find a solution.

C. Access the “Contact Us” page

In case the previous support resources do not address your specific problem or if you need personalized assistance, move on by clicking on “Contact Us” at the top right corner of their support website.

D. Choose your contact method

On this page, you will see several communications options available:

  • Phone: Nintendo provides a customer service phone number dedicated to technical issues (1-800-255-3700) which operates from 6 AM – 7 PM PST every day.
  • Chat: For real-time chat assistance from a support representative (availability may vary), select “Chat with us now.”

E. Explain your issue clearly

Whether using phone support or the chat option, make sure to explain the Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026 issue in detail when prompted by an expert representative. Describe any steps already taken and solutions that have not solved your problem. Listen actively to their guidance, and follow any instructions provided.

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Nintendo Error Code 9001-0026 can be quite frustrating, but remember that it’s not an insurmountable issue. Now that you’re armed with an understanding of the error and its possible causes, you can confidently attempt the various solutions listed in this blog post to resolve the connectivity problem.

Patience and a systematic approach go a long way when it comes to troubleshooting issues like these. Always remember that some network issues might require more time and effort to fix than others. If one solution doesn’t work, don’t stress – simply move on to the next option.

Ultimately, should you find yourself unable to resolve the issue after trying all of these methods, don’t hesitate to reach out to Nintendo Support for further assistance. They’re there to help! With a bit of persistence and determination, you’ll be back in action enjoying your favorite Nintendo games in no time. Happy gaming!

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