How to Inspect Search Engine Crawls for Better SEO

In the hassle of optimizing the SEO efforts for our companies, we often try out a lot of experiments that can deliver us out of the box benefits. Some changes made on the site bring impressive results whereas, on the other side, some may not. 

In SEO services, most marketers often forget to inspect and optimize their search engine crawls for even better performance. So, in this article, we will have a look at how to inspect the crawl budget properly and also view some tips. 

What exactly is crawl budget

In simple terms, the crawl budget is the active frequency at which the search engine bits will arrive and crawl your website’s pages. How many pages are being crawled by the search engines bots play a significant role in indexing and better visibility? By looking at the crawl budget, you can have a healthy perspective over how the overall crawling cycling is going. 

The crawl budget can be used as an indicator for the site’s maintenance and as a hint for further site optimization or SEO improvisations. The greater the crawl budget, the higher the chances of more pages getting indexed on the search engines. 

How to Inspect Search Engine Crawls

Now the main question that comes to mind that how to inspect the crawling budget for your site and how to get insights from it. For doing this, you need to visit the crawl budget report present in the Google Search Console. You can call it a historic report from Google that displays all the crawls performed by bots in the previous time. 

In the coverage report, you will find a complete timeline of the crawls happening over the period of 90 days. In the report, you will also see the total number of errors that the Google bots have discovered. Along with the error report, Google will also present you with a couple of suggestions that you can work on. 

You will also notice that the total number of pages indexed by the bots is fluctuating and there may be several reasons behind it. Older sitemap, redirections, or resources blocked in the robots file could be some of the reasons. 

Keep a check on redirects

One of the major reasons behind an inefficient crawl budget is the number of redirects present on your website. Redirect pages eat more crawl budget than the normal pages and that is the reason why you should keep a check on the redirects. 

You need to make sure that there is a minimum number of redirects present on the site. To optimize the crawl budget, you need to remove unnecessary redirects from your site. The number of redirect chains should be minimum so that all-important pages can get indexed at the same time. On this note, let’s have a look at some quick tips to optimize your crawl budget for maximum benefits. 

Keep pushing regular content

The best way to utilize your crawl budget is to keep pushing new content or updating the older content of your site. It is because Google prefers to show the latest and fresh content to its users and this small thing will help you a lot when it comes to crawling optimization. 

Submit sitemap to multiple search engines

When it comes to submitting sitemaps, most people will only submit them to Google. But to gain maximum traction from multiple search engines, you need to submit a sitemap to multiple search engines including Bing. 

Optimize internal linking

Internal links help the search engines to revisit many pages in a quick way and it ultimately improves the overall indexing of your website. So, it’s highly recommended that you should work on the internal linking structure of your site to gain maximum benefits. 

Minify resources

The final but handy and performance-driven tip is to minify all the resources including CSS, JS to improve the site’s loading time. When you optimize your website’s resources, the crawl budget will not get wasted on unnecessary elements. 

So, if you were not taking the crawl budget into consideration, it’s the right time to get started with it and begin the observation closely. It will for sure help you optimize your website for better rankings and visibility. Additionally, you can choose a suitable SEO packages!

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