How to Move in Pokemon Go Without Walking

Playing Pokemon Go is much more than collecting Pokemon. With the latest updates, you are now involved in raids, discovering PokeStops, and accomplishing research tasks assigned to you by Professor Willow. However, a common issue shared with many players is real-world movement. Why? Not all players have the time to roam around to play the game, and that’s why you are here. 

This article will provide the ultimate solution for playing the game without moving on your iOS device. You will discover the best iOS app to spoof your location, allowing you to play without walking. So, let’s dive in.  

Can you Play Pokemon Go Without Walking?

YES! Using an iOS location spoofer like MocPOGO, you can play Pokemon Go without walking. Since the game requires you to walk around the neighborhood by sensing your GPS location, such an app will make the game believe you’re making movements. It spoofs your location to any desired coordinates and lets you use its virtual joystick to simulate movement. 

The following section will discuss the best location spoofer app for your iOS device.

How to Play Pokemon without Walking Using MocPOGO

MocPOGO – Pokemon Go Hack is the ideal solution for moving in Pokemon Go without walking, which you have been looking for. It’s a powerful spoofer with unique features. The spoofer even allows you to customize your speed in three modes:

  • Walking 
  • Driving 
  • Bike riding

It effortlessly enhances your game, making it easier for you to catch Pokemon. Additionally, you will not have to go through complicated steps while using this spoofer. It is an easy-to-use app. 

How to Move in Pokemon Go Without Walking 1

Some of the critical features for this app include:

  • GPS simulator Joystick mode 
  • Multiple device control
  • A cooldown timer to prevent unwanted issues due to shifting positions
  • Saves routes and locations you use in case you need them in the future
  • Allows bookmarking favorite routes
  • No Jailbreaking is required
  • If the data connection is lost, it will enable you to spoof over wifi. 

In other words, MocPOGO is an all-in-one iOS app that allows you to play Pokemon Go without geo-restrictions. Additionally, the app works on Android and PC for both Windows and Mac operating systems. 

Follow the steps in the next section on how you can spoof Pokemon Go with MocPOGO:

How to Spoof your location using MocPOGO for iOS

Install the app from MocPOGO’s official website using this Link

Helpful Tips when using the app. 

  • Ensure you’ve disabled access to motion sensors
  • Change the time to match the spoofing location 
  • Reset your iPhone’s network and location data
  • Teleport to reasonable geographical areas 
  • Ensure the health app is disabled

Launch the app

Your current location will be on the map when you launch the app. Enter the address or coordinates in the search box to change your iPhone’s GPS location. 

After selecting the location, click on “Teleport” and map.                              

You will be asked to configure the VPN.                                 

Your location will change instantly. 

How to Move in Pokemon Go Without Walking 2

Note: All location-based apps will also be localized to the new location.

What’s the Two-Spot Mode?

A fantastic feature in MocPOGO is the Two-Spot mode which allows you to simulate GPS movements. You launch it by selecting another location and clicking “Walk” to control the action. 

Additionally, you can customize the movement speed by sliding the progress bar to adjust speed.                                  

Click “OK” to enhance efficiency once you reach the desired destination.                                    

GPS Joystick Mode 

In this mode, you can control your in-game character without moving. Select the “GPS Joystick ” icon on the right side of your screen and configure the phone’s VPN settings.                                 

After this action, the GPS Joystick will appear on the screen. Tap “Start” to kickstart walking while adjusting the slider to choose your direction. 

If you want to zoom in or out of the controller, use the icon at the bottom right corner. Ensure you hold down and drag the zoom icon instead of clicking on it directly. 

To exit this mode, click the “Exit” icon and select “Yes” to confirm.                               

Other Features


Use the “Star” to collect spots and your favorite routes.                            

You can select the starred routes by clicking on the favorites icon.                           

Historical Record

You can also access the previously traveled routes by selecting the historical records icon on the right side of the screen.                          

Research Search

Another brilliant feature is the research search option, which allows you to find the exact location of the Pokemon you want to collect. 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

  1. How to play Pokemon Go without getting out of the house?

You need a reliable spoofer like the MocPOGO app to play the game without walking. This app changes your GPS location, and you can control your movement with the GPS joystick. 

  1. Can you get banned for spoofing?

It’s illegal to spoof Pokemon Go because it will be unfair to other players by giving you an advantage over them. You get warned, suspended, or banned if you detect spoofing the game. However, with MocPOGO – Pokemon Go Hack, you can reduce your chances of detection. 

  1. How to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without moving?

With MocPOGO, you can quickly hatch eggs on Pokemon Go without walking around the neighborhood. It’s the ultimate spoofing app in the market, easy to use, and packed with unique features. 


In a nutshell, MocPOGO is an excellent Pokémon GO spoofer for a variety of reasons. Its simple user interface, extensive capabilities, and constant performance make it a fantastic alternative for players who want to improve their gaming experience without physically moving. MocPOGO provides effective GPS spoofing, adjustable settings, and regular updates to assure compatibility with the most recent game versions. Its security features also reduce the likelihood of account bans. Overall, MocPOGO offers a comprehensive and efficient option for Pokémon GO fans looking to explore the game’s vast universe from their homes.

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