Is Kinguin Legit and Safe to Purchase Windows and Games Key?

When it comes to PC games, the price tag can be quite high. If the games in question happen to be brand new. As an avid gamer. You may be taken aback by the high cost, but you can opt for the same game at discounted rates.

Kinguin offers many of the latest games at discounted rates. Even the windows key at ‘less than expected rates.’ Naturally, the first question that you are bound to ask is whether Kinguin is legit and safe? And whether the price makes it worth your while?

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It is not precisely legit and while your products, from the game to the windows key may work for a while. But after sometimes they may or may not work as expected. That’s not that surprising seeing that Kinguin is not exactly legit which is why we need to take a closer look at Kinguin and its current operations.

How does it work?

Let’s start with the most basic, Kinguin to all intents and purposes neither owns the software nor does it claim any copyright over the same.

Primarily, they operate a platform where users can buy, sell and purchase video games at what is determined to be a fair rate. They sell keys for both the game and operating systems, such as Windows 10, from people who often purchase one too many copies of the same. Think ‘Overstock,’ and you’ll get a general idea. This platform sells both game keys and programs keys, such as OEM keys. But there is still a risk of ransomware attacks on your pc.

And when you purchase an OEM key, you are becoming the operative part of the key, the EM part. What this translates to is that you can neither claim any warranty from the makers of the game nor ask them to replace it, in case of an issue.

You can save a lot of money by opting to buy the games and the software key directly from them. Necessarily, as a platform, Kinguin is where you can sell those games you are no longer interested in, at a fair rate, subject to its terms and conditions. And other users get a chance to purchase some of the latest games at a hugely discounted cost.

What’s the catch?

Well, it is not possible for Kinguin to determine if you are the legal owner of the game or not. As a result, some of the stolen keys get sold on this platform which makes the whole experience somewhat dissatisfying. The other problem is that Kinguin does neither check nor validate any of the keys that are sold on its platform. For example, you could purchase a key, and it may work, but then again, it may not work at all. While you can download the game itself from other vendors, you can still purchase OEM keys here. The OEM keys are often valued at $100, that you can buy right here on the platform for $10, which makes it quite attractive, despite the various risks.

What is interesting though is that you can purchase buyer protection at this marketplace, but that only gets you priority where support is concerned. It does not guarantee anything nor does it list out what the buyer protection does apart from claiming that the same can prevent you from being ripped off.

Kinguin buyer protection – a solution for invalidated keys?

As ironclad buyer protection goes, the one offered by Kinguin does not seem to be ironclad, nor does it seek to protect buyers from invalidated keys or keys that are still in use. When you access the marketplace, to purchase OEMs, you are immediately sent a notification that states that Kinguin offers you buyer protection, which protects you from keys that no longer work or are defective.


In simple terms, the platform wants you to invest money in buyer protection without listing guarantees or for that matter, explain if they check any OEM keys before being listed in the marketplace. Think snake oil, and you may get a clearer picture; this does not mean that the platform itself is defunct.

On the contrary, the platform attracts more than its fair share of online gamers looking to make a great deal. But it seems, that as a buyer if you are going to purchase, say Windows 10 OEM keys. You may have to shell out the extra $7 for buyer protection.

The buyer protection does offer you protection from invalidated keys. But as most buyers often find out, Kinguin takes its own time to verify any purchase and to refund the money. You need to use your judgment when making purchases on this platform.

Is Kinguin buyer protection worth it?

When it comes to buyer protection, Kinguin has managed to give it a new twist. Usually, with the most website, you would be required to pay for buyer protection just once. Whereas on Kinguin, you are required to shell out a $7 each time you purchase anything on the platform.

For example, if you are planning to buy a Windows 10 key on this platform. It should cost you around $30 without the buyer protection and with protection, around $37.  Sure, you could ask ‘what’s the big deal?”. Well, with almost every other website, you need to pay for buyer protection only once. But Kinguin seems to be determined to be different, and that’s for sure.

And as to whether it is worth it. Well, you can claim a refund in case of a defective OEM key. But it may take a while before your funds get back to your account.

I will also suggest you be aware of these sites while purchasing and adding your card/bank details. As they may steal your credentials. So I will suggest you use A VPN. If you are an android user you can use VeePN, you can get VeePN for android here.

Where do the keys come from?

This certainly seems to be the subject of more than a few debates. More than a few online users have often debated as to how the other sellers can get so many keys to the latest games and even Windows 10.

A few years ago, a few hackers stole UBISOFT codes by purchasing the same, using stolen credit cards. Later on, they sold the same on Kinguin, which brings into sharp focus the question as to where are all these OEM keys originating from? Are the legitimate owners selling the same after purchasing them in bulk during sales? Or are these keys being generated as a result of some promotion?

Given the fact that some of the keys sold on this platform are either stolen or invalidated. It makes more sense for Kinguin to check all the OEM keys that get listed here.

Should I buy from Kinguin?

That’s not an easy one to answer. It is a global platform, and online users from several parts of the world are looking to sell their OEM keys at attractive rates. While on the outset, the offer does seem attractive even though you have to purchase buyer protection with each product. You still need to use your judgment when you do so.

Remember, that if you are worried about being scammed, you can always purchase buyer’s protection with your purchase. But as to what that entails, is open to interpretation and you have no guarantee as to how long the purchased OEM will work. You need to weigh in various factors and then make the right decision.


Kinguin is an exciting platform; that’s for sure. It certainly makes it possible for you to purchase the latest OS. And games at some of the lowest prices possible. Furthermore, you can enjoy it with your whole family.

But that being said, it should be pointed out that Kinguin seems to be a grey marketplace, where you are never sure if you are dealing with a legitimate seller or a hacker. Kinguin can easily take care of these issues by checking each OEM key and ensuring that they work.

Furthermore, they can ask various buyers for proof of their purchase, before letting them register their multiple products for sale. By doing so, Kinguin can ensure that their marketplace remains safe, and so make their costumers money. It indeed is something that they should have done the moment they set up the platform.

In the end, it all comes down to a complete appraisal of what the platform is all about. And whether it is worth your while to purchase the latest gadget, device or software through this platform. But all said and done; you do get to save a lot of money by buying on this platform.

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