Exploring Kia Sonet’s Interior: Comfort, Space, and Versatility

The Kia Sonet has been making waves in the automobile industry with its combination of elegance, adaptability, and performance. The Sonet, one of Kia’s newest models, is intended to meet the expectations of modern drivers who want their vehicles to be comfortable, spacious, and adaptable. In this post, we will look at the Kia Sonet’s interior, including the creative elements that improve comfort, the efficient space utilisation, and the adaptability that distinguishes it in its sector. Join us as we look deeper at what makes the Kia Sonet’s interior stand out among small SUVs.

Exploring Kia Sonet's Interior: Comfort, Space, and Versatility

Introduction to Kia Sonet

The Kia Sonet is both trendy and practical. As a subcompact SUV, it combines urban flair with an adventurous attitude, making it a popular choice for people looking for a flexible vehicle without sacrificing style or substance. 

With Sonet, Kia has established a distinct market position by combining cost, quality, and innovation to appeal to a diverse spectrum of customers. The Sonet is positioned as a fashionable yet functional choice in the subcompact SUV sector, providing a luxury driving experience at a reasonable cost. The Kia Sonet price in Chennai ranges between ₹ 9.44 L – ₹ 19.38 L, which makes its base variant quite affordable in the Indian automobile market. Nevertheless, this on-road price could differ from one city to another. One can choose from the 23 variants that come in a different price to suit your budget and preference.

Performance of the Kia Sonet

Diesel1.5-litre diesel unit116 BHP250 Nm
Petrol1-litre turbo-petrol engine120 BHP172 Nm
Petrol1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine83 BHP115 Nm

The Kia Sonet offers a 1.5-litre diesel engine in two power configurations, paired with a 6-speed manual, 6-speed intelligent manual transmission (iMT), or a 6-speed automatic transmission. This marks a new trend in this segment. The diesel engine is notably smooth and refined. Additionally, the Sonet features a naturally aspirated 1.2-litre petrol engine with a 5-speed manual transmission and a turbocharged 1.0-litre engine with either a 6-speed iMT or a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT).

The diesel engine stands out as one of the most refined in its category, with Kia effectively minimising noise levels. The petrol engines are also sufficiently powerful, performing well in city and highway conditions. The diesel engine delivers power smoothly between 1,800 and 4,000 RPM, making it an excellent choice for highway driving. However, it generates some noise and feels less powerful beyond 4,000 RPM. Among the transmission options, the 6-speed torque converter automatic is the standout, providing smooth and responsive gear shifts.

What’s the Interior Like?

The Kia Sonet boasts a plush and welcoming interior. Although the rear space is slightly tighter, it is wider than the Venue. The Seltos’ influence is evident throughout the cabin, with a similar dashboard featuring a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment unit and an instrument cluster. The touchscreen system supports Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and Android Auto, complemented by a Bose audio system. The interior is primarily clutter-free, though the aesthetics might divide opinions. The GT Line version features an all-black theme, ventilated front seats, larger central console buttons, and an integrated air purifier. The car comfortably accommodates four adults, but headroom and legroom are somewhat limited. The cabin also offers several utility spaces.

Comfort Features Inside the Kia Sonet

  • Ergonomic Seating

When you get into the driver’s seat of the Kia Sonet, the seats feel like a warm hug from your favourite chair. The Sonet’s ergonomic seating is designed to give support and comfort on long rides, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever the day has in store.

  • Climate Control Systems

Whether driving on a hot summer day or navigating through a winter wonderland, the Kia Sonet’s temperature control systems have you covered. With precise temperature controls and customisable airflow choices, you can create the ideal climate inside the cabin to keep you and your passengers comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

Space Utilisation in the Kia Sonet

  • Cargo Space and Storage Solutions

Need to transport your belongings for a weekend break or groceries for a month? The Kia Sonet has enough cargo capacity and innovative storage options to make your life easier. From concealed compartments to movable cargo spaces, the Sonet makes the most of every inch of space, allowing you to carry everything you need without sacrificing passenger comfort.

  • Legroom and Headroom

Whether you’re tall, short, or somewhere in between, the Kia Sonet has enough legroom and headroom in both the front and back seats. Say goodbye to tight vehicle rides and hello to an extensive and airy cabin that allows you to stretch out and relax even on extended trips.

Technology and Connectivity in the Kia Sonet

  • Infotainment System Overview

The Kia Sonet excels at keeping you amused and connected while driving. The infotainment system is like having a personal DJ and tech expert on your dashboard. Thanks to a simple interface and vivid display, you can effortlessly access your favourite playlists, podcasts, and navigation applications. Prepare to play your favourite songs and wow your passengers with your great musical choice.

  • Connectivity Features

In today’s hyper-connected society, staying in touch is essential. With its extensive networking options, the Kia Sonet simplifies the process. This vehicle has you covered from Bluetooth pairing for hands-free calling to smartphone integration for easy access to your applications. The Kia Sonet keeps you connected no matter where you go on the road.

The Versatility of the Kia Sonet Interior

  • Foldable Rear Seats

Sometimes, you need additional space for big stuff, and the Kia Sonet’s folding rear seats are handy. With a simple lever flip, you can create a flat loading space to transfer heavy objects or a cosy location for your animal co-pilot to travel comfortably.

  • Customisable Configurations

Whether you’re transporting friends, family, or a combination of the two, the Kia Sonet has customisable seating combinations to meet your demands. With flexible seating choices and intelligent design elements, the interior layout can be readily adjusted to fit people and goods, making every journey a breeze.


So, there you have it: an in-depth look at the Kia Sonet’s interior comfort, size, and adaptability. With its smart design and functional features, the Sonet demonstrates that you don’t have to sacrifice flair for a comfortable and varied driving experience.

Finally, the Kia Sonet stands apart in the competitive compact SUV market. With its cutting-edge technology, exquisite interior design, and remarkable performance, it’s no surprise that the Sonet has grabbed the hearts of drivers worldwide. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a design enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates a smooth ride, the Sonet has something for everyone.

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