Roulette vs Other Table Games: Which One Offers Better Odds?

For the sake of a better perspective, let us start with an anecdote:

David, a newbie gambler, wanted to try his luck at the tables in Bellagio, Las Vegas. The Roulette wheel drew his attention as he passed by since it was fascinating to watch the little ball bounce and fall randomly upon a number.  A lot has happened since then, and now it’s getting more popular to play on your electronic devices where you can access great sweepstakes casino options.

However, David also noticed the poker table, craps, and blackjack, where enthusiastic crowds booed and howled with each roll and revelation. How’s a newbie gambler to decide with so many options? 

Then it hit David: Think about the odds! He remembered that you have a better chance of cashing out in the casino playing games with higher odds. His task became apparent immediately afterwards: examine the odds and statistics to see if Roulette or other traditional table games provide players with the best chance of beating the casino.

Let’s discuss why David’s thinking was right!

Roulette vs Other Table Games: Which One Offers Better Odds?

Understanding the Roulette Odds

In Roulette, you spin a wheel with numbered slots and place a wager on the location of the ball’s landing. Depending on whether you play European or American Roulette, the wheel presents 37 or 38 numbered pockets. 

The 0 (and 00 in American Roulette) pockets provide the casino with an automatic advantage and are the source of the house edge. However, the probability of winning depends on the bet:

  • Straight Bet – A straight bet is a wager on a single number. The chances of hitting are 1 in 38 (American) or 1 in 37 (in European). 
  • Split Bet – Betting on two adjacent numbers is called a split bet. Here, the odds are 1 in 19 (American) or 1 in 17 (European). 
  • Street Bet: It is a wager on a three-number row. The chances are 1 in 12 (American) or 1 in 11 (European).
  • Corner Bet: It is a wager on a group of four numbers. 1 in 8 (European) or 1 in 10 (American). 

Depending on the version being played, the house edge in Roulette ranges from 2.7% (European) to 5.26% (American).

A Look at Other Table Games

These table games are found in every casino in the world – online or offline. 


In this game, players try to obtain as near to 21 as possible without going over in competition with the dealer. For players using basic strategy, the house edge varies from 0.5% to 1.5% depending on the rules and number of decks played.


Bettors place wagers on the results of two dice rolls; certain bets have a house edge of just 0.6%. Bets can go up to 16 per cent as well.


This game is based on predicting the player’s and the banker’s hand that will be closest to nine. 1.06% is the house edge for banker bets and 1.24% for player bets. When played with an ideal approach, Baccarat offers one of the lowest casino advantages.


In this game, the edge fluctuates greatly depending on the skill level. Due to the effect of betting, psychology, and bluffing, specialists can attain better than 50/50 odds, while beginners are likely to face a 5%+ deficit.

Comparing the Odds

Craps and Baccarat are two games that provide the most incredible odds for particular wagers. Blackjack also allows competent players to significantly reduce the house edge by counting cards.  

The kind of bet placed has a significant impact on the Roulette chances. However, compared to double 0 American Roulette, the single 0 versions have superior opportunities.  

Generally, the most skill-intensive games, such as poker and blackjack, allow the casino to reduce its mathematical advantage over the players. However, Roulette’s inherent unpredictability makes it more challenging to increase the house advantage.

Tips for Choosing the Game with Better Odds

Here are a few tips to choose the better game if you are a newbie like David:

  • Over the long run, your chances of winning are greater in games with lower averages. 
  • Strategize and analyze. The house edge in poker, craps, and blackjack is all but a show in front of skillful plays.  
  • Do not overestimate yourself. Select the games that align with your ability, skillset and tactical acumen. 
  • Analyze the variations.

Wrapping Up

Although increasing built-in odds in Roulette is more difficult because of its unpredictability, the house’s edge may be reduced by selecting better bets like black/red or even/odd.

You may generally manage your bankroll, make informed bets, and tip the chances in your favor by analyzing the odds data. So, take advantage of this information to confidently approach those tables and try your luck! 

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