Unleashing the Power of a Small Business ATS to Streamline Your Hiring Efforts

A single job posting may attract hundreds of applications. ATS software is designed to help you quickly and painlessly sift through applicants.

Standard ATS features include resume parsing, advanced search capabilities, and email templates. Some also feature candidate sourcing tools to find talent from multiple channels.

A white-label ATS can be launched under your branding with no upfront setup costs.

Unleashing the Power of a Small Business ATS to Streamline Your Hiring Efforts

Automate Your Job Postings

An ATS filters through a mountain of resumes, narrowing down candidates based on your criteria. The system’s parsing algorithm evaluates a candidate’s resume, considering specific keywords and skills matching your job description.

This step removes bias from the hiring process, which can occur when people rely on their prejudices instead of the data to make decisions. It also reduces the amount of person-hours spent on administrative duties, lowering costs and helping you hire better quality applicants faster.

small business ATS also tracks the applicant from application to hiring, which improves candidate engagement and boosts the company’s reputation. This is important, as low candidate engagement leads to a high rate of rejections and bad word-of-mouth.

Ask the ATS provider how much time they claim it saves recruiters and how easy it is to update resumes and candidate profiles. Ensure the tool offers flexible and precise searching capabilities, including Boolean searches.

Automate Your Interviews

An ATS allows recruiters to automate interview scheduling and communication. It saves time and reduces mistakes while enabling candidates to track their applications and get clear updates on where they stand in the hiring process.

An ATS can also help you create a more organized screening process. Some ATS platforms allow you to organize candidates into different pools based on their level of experience, education, and skills. This helps you screen out irrelevant applicants and ensures that only high-quality candidates progress to the next stage of the hiring process.

When selecting an ATS, consider the functionality and features that are most important to you. Look for one that is flexible enough to meet your unique recruiting needs. Ask ATS vendors about how their software works and try out the tools yourself to find one that best fits your business. Also, be sure to find out how client support is handled – can you easily reach someone for help?

Automate Your Onboarding

Using an ATS helps you keep track of applicants throughout the hiring process. Rather than jumping between email, spreadsheets, job boards, and social media platforms when managing applications, the ATS acts as a central database with easy access to candidate profiles.

Many ATS software solutions allow you to create prescreening questionnaires that can be sent to applicants to filter out candidates who aren’t a good fit for your company. If an applicant responds with a ‘wrong’ answer, the system can automatically remove them from your pool of potential hires while sending a thoughtfully-worded rejection message.

Today’s top candidates expect a seamless, fully mobile application experience, so you need to ensure your ATS is designed to meet those needs. In addition, you want to make sure your ATS is compatible with the technology your current workforce uses, which reduces the learning curve and keeps workflows running smoothly. The right ATS solution is designed to automate as much of the onboarding process as possible so that you can focus on building relationships with new hires.

Automate Your Payroll

Your hiring process doesn’t end when you select your final candidate. New hires have forms to fill out, documentation to review and e-sign, and onboarding tasks to complete. An ATS that syncs with payroll can simplify the transition from applicant to employee by storing and managing all documents in one place.

Today’s candidates have high expectations for the job application experience. If your hiring process needs to be updated or more convenient, it can turn them off and make it easier for them to find another job opportunity. An ATS supporting a mobile-friendly and convenient application process can boost your candidate experience and employer brand.

An ATS that automates many of your recruiting processes can significantly improve the quality of your candidates and reduce your time-to-hire. By using an ATS that meets the unique needs of your small business, you can streamline your recruitment and create a better hiring process for your team. 

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