How to Test Your Internet Speed on Google Search (Free)

Google Speed Test - How to Test Your Internet Speed on Google (Online for Free) 2018 New Trick
As many of you know there are numerous places to test your internet speed and there may be times when you need to check your internet connections download and upload speeds to make sure that your network is working correctly. I like to run a speed test to ensure that I’m getting the advertised speeds from my internet service provider. Recently Google introduced another easy way for you to check your internet speeds.

How to Test Your Internet Speed on Google (Online for Free)

  1. Go to the Google search page and ask for speed test. You could put in a query related to checking or testing your internet speed or you could just simply say or type Speed test.
  2. You’ll now see the search results to check your speed, including the very popular speed test by Ookla. At the very top you should see a box with the headline Internet speed test. This feature is not available in all regions right now, so you may not see this box. In the box you’ll get more information about the internet speed tests, when you begin your test you’ll be connected to the measurement lab, which is a partnership between New America’s open Technology Institute, Google open source research and other supporting partners.
    New Speed Test by Google Right from Google Homepage
  3. To begin the test select Run speed test. This will bring up a web applet, that will check your ping along with your download speed first followed by test of your upload speed. This test usually takes less than 30 seconds, when it’s completed you’ll see your download and upload speeds. You’ll also see the latency which measures how quickly you get a response from the server, the server location and below that information on how well your internet connection can handle various tasks including streaming HD videos. You also have the option to run the test again if you want to.

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