The Best Mobile Phone Cameras Money Can Buy

The Best Mobile Phone Cameras Money Can Buy 1

There’s not really much point in buying a separate camera from your mobile phone these days unless you’re a professional photographer, such is the amazing quality of the cameras on our smartphones. Even then, the right camera on the right phone with the right editing can look amazing. A lot of photographers swear by their smartphones!

Having just one device makes life a lot easier, and our phones can be used for so many things we love to do: taking photos, contacting friends and family, staying in touch with the world. We can even use them to play online casino games, and there are a lot of great choices out there! Playing casino games on the go with your mobile phone can be a tonne of fun. Take a look at the top picks for mobile casinos right here to find the best places to try it out. There’s no need to settle for anything but the best when it comes to online gaming. Just make sure you’ve got enough charge left over afterwards to take some cool shots!

The smartphone market is super competitive, with all sorts of brands offering amazing cameras, so to clear up some of the confusion, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the best cameras on phones on the market today.

iPhone 13 Pro:

There are a couple of features of the iPhone 13 Pro camera that make it better than the (already pretty awesome) regular iPhone 13. For a start, you’ll notice the back of the phone has three lenses on the Pro compared to the two on the regular iPhone 13, and the reason for that is the varying width of the view.

The iPhone 13 offers regular shots and wide-angle (0.5x), whereas the Pro goes one step further with 3x optical zoom; very impressive! The iPhone 13 Pro, released in September 2021, also has macro photography, so if you want to get some amazing HD super close-ups, then this could well be the phone for you.

You don’t necessarily have to go for the Pro if you want a great quality photo. The 13 lens is exactly the same, as is the software that powers it, so even if the 13 Pro didn’t exist, the 13 would still make its way into our list, and then some.

Another thing we love about both of these cameras is the low-light photography. Night mode allows you to take longer exposure images that don’t use flash, so you can get photos in almost pitch black that look nearly as light as day. We’re not joking.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The latest flagship phone from Samsung was released a little earlier than the iPhone in January of 2021, which means there could be a new one around the corner. That being said, you could do a lot worse than the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Its 108MP camera really is something to behold, and in terms of its zoom, it blows the iPhone 13 Pro out of the water, offering an enormous 10x optical zoom. At this point, you’re basically holding a digital pair of binoculars.

The actual quality of the images doesn’t look quite as stunning as those of the iPhone, and this could be in part down to the colour balancing of the software of the phone. This is definitely the one to go for if you want to take photos from far away, though.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

If you want great low-light photography but don’t want to pay the amount of the iPhone 13, we hear you. And that’s where the Huawei Mate 40 Pro comes to the table. Its 50MP camera comes to life in the dark thanks, in part, to some great software from the Huawei development team.

Actually, it’s not just dark photos that this phone excels at. It’s a great all-rounder. Wide-angle lens photos look good, the shutter speed is fast, so it’s hard to get a blur, and there are a bunch of bonus photography modes that you can play with to your heart’s content.

The phone itself might not be the best in the world, but if your main usage functions are to send texts, browse social media and take awesome photos, then you should definitely add the Huawei to your list of considerations. 

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