How to Make Use of Social Media to Grow Your Small Business

There is no doubt that social media has made a huge impact on the world, both for individuals and for businesses. Most businesses use it to reach their ideal customers and promote their products or services but it takes much more than simply being there to truly reap the benefits that can come with it.

Many things determine whether a business is successful or not. To start strong and be able to achieve your goals, you need a good business strategy, a well-thought-out and suitable marketing campaign, and a clear focus on customer service.  But now that you are running your business and things are going well, you are probably thinking about ways to grow. But this doesn’t happen overnight.

How to Make Use of Social Media to Grow Your Small Business 1

And among the many things that you can do to grow your small business, social media stands out with its potential and efficacy. Here are some of the main steps you can take to use your social media to grow your business. 

Focus on Creating Strong Relationships

Social media and the overall development of technology have changed the behavior and the expectations of consumers. For one, many now favor purchasing online over traditional shopping habits. This has prompted businesses to move at least partially online and find new ways to mimic the good old in-person customer service. This is why there is so much technology dedicated to improving the digital customer experience

Social media is the perfect place to improve your communication with your potential and existing customers. This is one of the reasons why instead of directly focusing on simply promoting your products or services, by constantly talking about how good they are, you should be finding the perfect balance between marketing and creating a strong connection with your followers.

So, to use social media to grow, small businesses must grow social account engagement. One of the best ways to do this is to humanize your brand. Along with the posts that promote what you are selling, you should offer content that will build a connection on a personal level with your customers. This can be done by showing your followers what’s behind your company, your values, your goals, your story, your team, and so on.

Be Present on Various Platforms

While it’s important to recognize that not all social media platforms are right for every business, focusing only on one is a missed opportunity. Being on several platforms allows you to increase your reach, and consequently give your business a chance to grow. Especially, if you keep in mind that different social media platforms attract different types of people. This may refer to demographic structure, but mainly it has to do with their preferred way of consuming content.  

For instance, while Facebook users may be up to reading articles, you can be certain that most Instagram or TikTok users prefer visual content, whether it’s images or videos. So, for your presence on various platforms to truly count, you should adapt your content based on this.  

Invest in Social Media Marketing 

While most of us understand social media, the right marketing experts can take your accounts to the next level. Social media marketing agencies will learn about your needs, help you identify your target audiences, and find ways to reach them. More than that, they are equipped with knowledge about how to constantly analyze your results, optimize your social media presence accordingly and improve your ROI.

While creating and sharing relevant content that offers true value to your followers is crucial for attracting organic followers, you shouldn’t avoid paid ads. For one, social media ads aren’t a huge investment and, if you hire experts to work on them, they will pay off soon. 

Moreover, these ads are very specific. This means that you can control who sees them, based on location, age, gender, online behavior, professions, and other parameters that will take you closer to your ideal customer. 

How to Make Use of Social Media to Grow Your Small Business 2

Sell on Social Media

With so many people using social media not only for interacting with friends and family, and entertainment, but also to research businesses and find products and services, these platforms are offering more and more tools that can help you grow your small business. So, for some time now, aside from allowing you to connect to your audience, social media platforms allow you to sell your products directly. 


While in the past being on social media was a plus, nowadays it’s a necessity, not only to ensure growth but even survive amongst the huge competition across industries. However, social media comes with many advantages that can help you grow and become more successful. In short, learning how to encourage engagement, and increase your brand visibility and reach, is key for a fruitful social media presence. 

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