The Tech Leaps in Poker in 2023 That Make the Game More Fun

The year is 2023, and poker has been around for close to three decades now – at least in its most modern form, which often involves technology and the Internet. The past three decades have been great news for the community.

We have seen prize pools increase, player headcount rise, and the overall accessibility of the game improving. Yet, there is more innovation that is coming to poker to make the game even more fun, worthwhile, and available to even more people.

Today, we take a look at those specific technological leaps that have made it much easier for us to play poker this year. 

The Tech Leaps in Poker in 2023 That Make the Game More Fun

Going Online with Poker or How to Build a Thriving Community

Perhaps the biggest innovation in poker this year has been the fact that more jurisdictions than ever before in the world now offer regulated online poker. This means that the headcount of players has been growing exponentially.

In places such as the United States, more jurisdictions – read individual states – have agreed to make it possible for players to enjoy the game online. One persistent hiccup has been the lack of shared liquidity among most online jurisdictions.

Some markets have been self-sustaining, such as Portugal, Spain, and France in Europe, as well as the United Kingdom, but when it comes to individual states in the USA, for example, the need for shared liquidity has been visible.

The good news is that more jurisdictions can now appreciate how important it is to bring all players who enjoy online poker together so that they can participate in worthwhile cash games. So far as innovation in poker for 2023 goes, the fact that more jurisdictions are opening up to the idea of shared liquidity has really been one of the most significant legislative – if not technological – improvements to the industry. 

Artificial Intelligence and Improving Online Poker Safety

Artificial intelligence has been one of the biggest improvements to the entire poker community and it has had a very tangible impact on online poker communities in particular. There are several ways in which – in the very least – the arrival of AI has helped improve things. 

For starters, the technology has helped uproot bots from online poker sites. This has made online play so much smoother and more enjoyable with players having a blast that they get to play only against human players and testing their mettle against human players.

There are lots of poker sites available today, but the best ones will definitely ensure that you have a level playfield from the very start. If you are keen to explore these particular brand, we suggest you click here for a taste of the best poker online real money sites. These are the brands that offer you the best and most worthwhile opportunities.

AI has been a tremendous success for consumer protection initiatives as the technology has made it very easy to track consumer behavior and flag instances of overspending. It’s this particular ability that makes it easier to protect consumers today and keep the safe when they enjoy poker at the best poker sites. 

Language Models and How to Learn the Game Easier

It’s true. The arrival of AI and specifically – language models – has been a turning point in how we experience poker and what we can learn – and how we can learn. After all, ChatGPT and similar solutions can already teach people to play board games and have a ready answer if fed the right information – and prompted correctly.

So, why wouldn’t this work for poker? It does and you can teach a language model such as ChatGPT to assist you with poker. Many players have been doing it and while you need to play-test and still determine if this is a viable way to improve your game, there are certain dividends to be derived. You can look up probability and strategies at a click of the buttons, and it’s all very relevant.

So far as technological innovation in the poker industry in 2023 goes, this is definitely one of the most influential solutions and likely to stay and change the way we experience the game.

The Rise of Poker Streaming

Although this solution has been around for several years now, streaming is really picking up as the audiences who are interested in learning more about poker are also increasing. Streaming has made it possible to witness poker at the highest level while not necessarily having to travel or spend money yourself for buy-ins.

Twitch has embraced this innovation, offering coverage of the biggest events and tournaments with its partners, and it has made the game so much more accessible and easier to follow. Live chats allow fans to interact with the tournament, comment, and even learn new things about poker, which is ultimately what the game is about. 

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