Mobile Gaming Addiction: Tips for Maintaining a Balance Between Online Gaming and Real Life

Today, unfortunately, gaming addiction is common. Therefore, it is important to be able to keep a balance between the game and real life. Although the game can be exciting, and you can play online casino for real money and win, excessive gaming can have negative consequences. In addition to losing time and money, this can lead to ludomania. In this article, we want to advise you on how to protect yourself from such a problem and maintain a balance between the game and real life.

Mobile Gaming Addiction - Tips for Maintaining a Balance Between Online Gaming and Real Life

Recognizing Mobile Gaming Addiction

Gaming addiction, or ludomania, is officially qualified in the medical register of diseases. It manifests itself in an uncontrollable desire to game constantly. To prevent this mental disorder, experts have developed a list of several basic rules.

● Prohibition of gaming for minors.

● Setting time limits for gaming.

● Setting a limit for real money bets.

● Mandatory breaks during gaming sessions.

● Prohibition of gaming under the influence of alcohol.

Preparing for Games and Setting Boundaries and Limits

After you have chosen a reliable online gaming platform, it is advisable to prepare for the game. By following these simple recommendations, you can fully enjoy online gaming and prevent addiction.

Decide which Games you Want to Play

Online gaming platforms offer hundreds of games from different manufacturers. Slots, roulette, poker, baccarat, and other games attract gamers. At the same time, gaming platforms usually have different variations of classic games, and the rules may differ, so you should familiarize yourself with all the nuances in advance to play safely.

Set Limits for the Game

This is, first of all, the limit of time you want to spend in an online gaming platform and the amount of money you will spend on bets.

Take Breaks from the Game and Play in Good Mood

Experienced players recommend taking breaks from playing on the best Australian online gaming platforms every half an hour so that you can have a little rest and more soberly assess your gaming success.

Strong feelings or excessive fatigue negatively affect the ability to make informed decisions.

Seeking Support and Professional Help

If you understand that you have problems, then it’s time to contact a qualified specialist. Only experienced psychotherapists and psychologists who comprehend the mechanism of the disease formation and can direct thoughts in the right direction can assist the dependent in stopping playing. Despite the lack of physical attraction, the patient should be in the hospital during the recovery period.

The recovery course includes individual and group classes with psychologists, addictologists, psychotherapists, and former ludomans. Doctors use techniques of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, as well as psychoanalysis and art therapy, to achieve the results.

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