Understanding Slingo and the Best Strategies

If you are looking for a new and exciting game to play at the online casino, then you’ll want to try Slingo. This clever game is a combination of slots and bingo – and it is simple to play. 

To get the most out of the game, you need to have a strategy – this will help you get the points that you need to win big. 

Understanding Slingo and the Best Strategies

What is Slingo?

Slingo is a game that was created for the online casino – played online, it is a hybrid game that takes the basic gameplay of Bingo and adds the excitement of the spinning reels in slot games. 

The game was originally invented by  New Jersey real estate developer Sal Falciglia Jr in 1994. He founded Slingo Inc, which was sold to the gaming behemoth Gaming Realms in 2015. Gaming Realms introduced many different versions and themes of the Slingo game, and popularity grew since then throughout Europe and the US. 

Slingo Gameplay

The basic playboard is like the board you would play with in a bingo hall or online – a 5×5 numbered grid. The 90-ball game is slightly different though – you produce five numbers by spinning reels, as you would in a slot game. 

You get 20 spins, with the aim of marking off as many numbers as possible. The idea is that for each marked number on your grid, you can earn points, which move you up the ladder of potential prizes. 

Like in slots, there are special items that can come up in the spins. These include:

  • Jokers and Special Jokers: can mark off any number in the grid. 
  • Devil: Halves the score.
  • Cherub: Doubles the score.
  • Coins: Adds automatic points.
  • Free Spins

You earn more points for creating Slingos (a completed line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), and if you manage to get a Full House, you’ll get the grand prize. 

Best Slingo Strategies

With the basic idea of play in mind, here are some important things to think about when you are playing if you want to make the most of each game. 

Strategic Marketing

The first thing is what to do when one of the jokers appears. In almost all cases, you want to mark off the numbers on the grid that are most likely to be involved in multiple possible Slingo combinations. 

This means you should go for each of the corners and the middle wherever possible. These are key locations that will help you boost your score. 

Do You Need to Buy Spins?

Once you are approaching the end of the game, you will be given the opportunity to get extra spins – either by paying for them from your account or sacrificing some of your points. This can be tempting for you if you are close to a Slingo, or even a Full House. 

There needs to be some logic in the decision – so think about:

  • How close are you to completing your gamecard?
  • How much will each spin cost?
  • Are you looking at a big win?
  • How many spins would you need?

The answer should be based on common sense and calm thinking for the best results – if you have several numbers missing, or you are only going to win a small amount, then adding extra spins would end up as a loss. 

Special Features

Aside from the base game, you can find all sorts of special features in games. 

These can include bonus games that might take you away from the main game but can add lucrative opportunities to get extra points while playing a different game. 

The special features might include multipliers and upgraded paylines as well as completely new and fun games. Getting into these special bonus games isn’t guaranteed, but it is a great way to access higher tier rewards if you can. 

Choose the Right Game

One of the best things about getting into Slingo is that there are all sorts of themes and variations to choose from – and this choice isn’t just about what the game looks like. 

Thanks to the online nature of these games, you can see how likely it is that you will win on each game – the Return to Player (RTP) rate is given as a percentage, and you can use this to decide. The higher the percentage, the more it is likely to pay (although this isn’t guaranteed, of course). 

You can also choose based on things like minimum bet, the rewards that you can get, and the bonus games offered. 

Play Responsibly

The last thing to consider is that you want to play responsibly. 

Make sure that you are managing your bankroll effectively – so not wasting money on spins that aren’t going to help you win, for example – and be prepared to lose the money that you are spending on the game. 

This also means not playing through emotion. Getting over invested in the game can mean you are chasing losses and spending more money than necessary, and you won’t be having fun, either. 

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