The Things That Make Employees Feel Appreciated

Do you know how to show appreciation for your employees? This is something that many business managers struggle with, which could harm the business in many different ways. When employees do not feel appreciated, they might put less effort into their work and become disengaged or even resign. Additionally, a lack of appreciation can create division between employees and management and create a negative atmosphere that can permeate throughout the entire organization. So, what are some of the things that make employees feel appreciated? Keep reading for a few ideas that should help you to show your appreciation for your team.

The Things That Make Employees Feel Appreciated 1

Positive Feedback

The easiest way to show appreciation for staff is to tell them. It is amazing the difference that positive feedback in the workplace can make, even if it is just a “good job” or “thanks for your hard work”. This can also create a positive loop where positive feedback encourages employees to work hard and can even motivate others. You should not wait for performance reviews to give positive feedback and make it a part of day-to-day activities (although it should always be genuine). 


Praise and public acknowledgment of hard work will always be effective, but to really show staff that you appreciate their efforts, you will want to reward them. There are all kinds of rewards that will act as a gesture of apperception and encourage people to work hard, such as:

  • Early finishes
  • Time off
  • Gift cards
  • Cash bonus
  • Going out for lunch
  • Team events


You also need to offer support and understand that your employees are people and treat them as such. People will always feel valued and appreciated at work when support is offered, whether this is support with a challenging task or help when they are going through a difficult time in their personal life. It is important to show compassion and build human relationships with employees without crossing any boundaries. 


Offering desirable benefits to your employees that can improve their life and career can make all the difference and keep staff happy. Benefits like health insurance, flexible working, pension plans, paid time off, and early finishes are all desirable benefits that will show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. It can be challenging to select and manage benefits, which is why it is best to use employee benefits software. Employee benefits software can eliminate the headaches of management by integrating with HR and payroll apps with the ability to choose from world-class benefits packages.

Open Communication

Finally, you need to have open communication in the workplace. Employees will feel appreciated when they are able to speak their minds, whether this is having a leisurely conversation in the office, sharing their ideas during a brainstorming session, or coming forward with questions or concerns. Open communication will always benefit a business and can help to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

If you want to make sure that your employees feel appreciated, this post should give you a few ideas that will hopefully strengthen bonds, lift morale, and improve the performance of your entire team. 

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