Top 5 games we enjoyed playing in the last year

Despite encountering a few setbacks (ahem, Starfield), the last year brought an array of fantastic PC games. Notable mentions include the highly entertaining Teardown, the backyard adventure Grounded, the instant-classic Elden Ring, and a remarkably friendship-oriented Marvel game developed by the creators of XCOM. The current year, 2023, has already witnessed some exhilarating game launches, with one that you shouldn’t miss out on being One Piece Odyssey. 

In this article, we will go through some great games we enjoyed playing during the las 12 months.

Top 5 games we enjoyed playing in the last year 1

The Goonies slot game

One of the most beloved films of the 1980s is undoubtedly The Goonies – a true cult classic that captured our hearts as kids and continues to charm us today. And now, thanks to Blueprint Gaming, we can relive the enchantment of The Goonies all over again through their new online slot game, complete with 20 generous paylines and a plethora of fantastic bonus features. 

Blueprint Gaming has expertly brought the nostalgic magic of The Goonies slot machine into the online gaming world. In fact, they’ve crafted numerous amazing games inspired by movies, such as The Naked Gun and Ted.

The Goonies, one of the best online slot games, incorporates graphics and music from the original movie soundtrack to create an immersive game that’s brimming with unique bonus features. Frankly, we believe you will be just as captivated by The Goonies slot as you were by the original movie.

Invisible, Inc. 

Invisible, Inc. is a turn-based tactical stealth video game created by Canadian indie studio Klei Entertainment and set in a dystopian future in which corporations have taken control over all forms of power; you control a team of elite agents working for an invisible spy agency called Invisible Inc.

The gameplay of this isometric perspective game involves using stealth and tactics to infiltrate various corporate facilities, steal resources from them and then escape undetected. Up to four agents may be controlled at once – each equipped with their own special abilities and equipment.

Invisible, Inc. boasts procedurally generated levels, so each playthrough will differ from the last. Furthermore, Invisible Inc. features various game modes, including campaign mode, endless mode, and challenge mode – plus more!

Invisible, Inc. has received much acclaim for its challenging gameplay, deep strategy, and stylish cyberpunk visuals. If you enjoy tactical stealth games, then Invisible, Inc. should definitely be given consideration!

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077, developed and published by CD Projekt Red, was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia platforms on December 2020.

The game takes place in Night City, California, during 2077, in a dystopian future with day/night cycles, weather changes, and multiple NPCs/factions that impact story progression and gameplay.

V is an engaging mercenary who can be tailored with various cybernetic augmentations, skills, and playstyles to fit the player’s taste. In addition, the game offers an intricate character creation system that enables them to customize everything from their character’s appearance and backstory to gender choice and playstyle.

The gameplay in Black Ops II provides an assortment of missions and side quests, which can be completed non-linearly. Furthermore, weapons, cyberware, and vehicles that can be customized and upgraded are also featured within this title.

Cyberpunk 2077, one of the best cyberpunk games, has received mixed reviews since its release, with most critics noting its technical issues at launch and bugs that limited the gameplay experience. On the other hand, gamers praised its immersive open-world environment, complex characters, and branching narrative, allowing multiple endings depending on player choices.

Beyond A Steel Sky 

Beyond A Steel Sky was released by Revolution Software in 2020 as the sequel to their 1994 classic point-and-click game Beneath A Steel Sky, set in a dystopian future ruled by an AI known as Union City.

Beyond a Steel Sky places the player into the role of Robert Foster, who returns to Union City after having been away for several years. It features a branching narrative that allows players to make choices that impact the storyline and its outcome and features an AI hacking system that allows for manipulation of AI and manipulation of their surroundings.

Beyond a Steel Sky is widely renowned for its storytelling, world-building, and character development capabilities. The game features detailed 3D environments and characters that bring its world to life, available across PC, Mac, iOS, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

One Piece Odyssey

Introducing an all-new role-playing game (RPG) that is based on the globally famous ONE PIECE manga and anime series created to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary!

Monkey D. Luffy, famously known as Luffy the Straw Hat, leads his crew on a voyage through the vast waters of the New World, always on the lookout for their next adventure. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when they are caught in a fierce storm, leading to a shipwreck. They find themselves stranded on a breathtakingly beautiful tropical island, surrounded by merciless and relentless storms.

Separated from his companions, Captain Luffy embarks on a thrilling new expedition in search of his lost friends and a way off the island. Throughout the journey, the crew will encounter deadly new foes, formidable forces of nature, and much more!

In this classic formula RPG, you can play as different members of the Straw Hat crew and immerse yourself in the world of ONE PIECE.

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