How to Track A Cell Phone Location Within Minutes

Are you looking for a time efficient and reliable cell phone location tracking device? Your search for an app to track phones without them knowing can lead you to bewildered results. Honestly, there are many spy apps in the business, but their efficiency is overshadowed by the relentless hassles. 

If you make an informed decision and go with any cheapest or random app off the internet, soon enough you would perennially be disturbed by surveys, robot verifications, feedback and of course there’s always a risk of phishing and malware. 

When you do have an immensely reliable cell phone location tracker such as Minspy, why would you look anywhere else? It is the perfect way to track and hack someone’s locations and the phone per se. 

Minspy - How to Track A Cell Phone Location Within Minutes

Why is Minspy the best location tracker?

Being a web-based tracking application, Minspy allows you to track a mobile number remotely, secretly and secretly. Minspy doesn’t just let you know the location of someone; it is full of other amazing features and functionalities.  

You can track a GPS location, see messages, call list, browser history, emails, notes, library of apps, and everything you can imagine someone to do on their phone, you can see! Isn’t that great? Having access to someone’s phone is like having a clear picture of their lives.

What Makes Minspy the best?

Minspy is the best because it enables you to function without having to jailbreak or root through the target mobile. It is actually quite seamless on all kinds of phones. You can track the location of stock Android and iOS mobile phones. 

You must know the features and functions that Minspy possesses that makes it a one of a kind spy app:

1. Friendly User-Interface

A spy app without an understandable interface will make you worry through your spying. As it is, tracking someone always makes people vulnerable and apprehensive. Having a friendly user interface helps to make the most out of an app. 

Minspy provides the most neat and concise user interface that even someone with basic tech knowledge can operate. You might be a first timer with spy app usages, but you will be superb in the way you handle Minspy. 

2. Stealth App 

Very specific and intricate stealth features are incorporated into the very app structure of Minspy. It protects the anonymity, identity and interests of the tracker. The target phone or the target users wouldn’t even know that they are being tracked. 

Apparently, the target mobile number wouldn’t receive any email or ping about their tracking. It is a very non-alert generating way of tracking someone in a completely remote and anonymous manner.

3. No Jailbreaking

In order to track a mobile number, you wouldn’t need the target mobile. Minspy, being a web based application, doesn’t put unnecessary rooting or jailbreaking pressure into the target mobile number. There are no software or download requirements. 

4. Privacy 

Minspy doesn’t retain, seek or store personal data of the user of the app or the person being tracked. This anonymity makes the app more sought after. Privacy is always a prime concern when trying to track someone’s mobile number and Minspy addresses it well!

How to Track A Cell Phone Location Within Minutes?

Minspy requires no installation, no trail and makes room for no suspicion. Therefore, it is a completely risk free and safe method to track a mobile number. All you need to do is follow the below procedure:

1. Registration

You need register on the official site of Minspy through your email ID

2. Choosing the plan

You can choose the plan of your choice from Minspy. There are multiple plans that Minspy has to offer. You can select the monthly plan that suits you best and purchase it.  

3. Set Up

After purchasing the plan, you would receive the set up link on the email you used for registration. Just by clicking on the link, you will be guided through the process of set up. At the end, the app would seek the target platform, choose iOS.

After setting up is completed, now the part will come where the app will seek the target platform from you. This would indicate whether you want to track the location of an iPhone or an Android phone?

In the case of an iPhone, you enter ‘iOS’ as the target platform. All you would need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials of the target mobile number. The moment you enter the same, you will be able to track the mobile number almost immediately.

In case of an Android phone, you enter ‘Android’ as the target platform. There is a non-negotiable requirement with any Android device that no app can directly seek remote access. Any app that promises direct remote access is lying.

As a solution, Minspy software needs to be downloaded on the target phone. The software is designed in a way that it weighs less than 3 MB. Once installed, the app suggests if you wish to ‘hide the app’. Once hidden, the app vanishes from the phone.

Be it Android or iPhone, Minspy takes care of the user’s needs and requirements in an absolutely holistic manner. It’s amazing how the security and the identity of the user is never compromised when one uses Minspy. 


Modern day relationships can create a trigger through suspicious behaviour, blatant lying, and deception. You can use a platform such as Minspy to curb the suspense about what your loved ones are upto and see the truth from your own eyes. 

Be it iOS or Android, Minspy, your search for an app to track phones without them knowing ends here. Minspy understands the user’s risks and covers for them. When tracking someone’s location, your risks are non-existent. 

It’s a guaranteed fact that once you use Minspy, it will become your one-stop solution for remote monitoring of a target device. Of course, there are many apps that promise an efficient mobile number tracking, but none even stand a competition in front of Minspy! 

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